Ghost Dogs of Moonlake

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Ghost Dogs of Moonlake - 11/17/02 03:39 PM

Ghost Dogs of Moonlake is the 7th mystery game of the Nancy Drew series.
The system requirements are the same for all the 7 games.
The game begins with you (as Nancy Drew) receiving a note from your friend Sally and you arrive at her cabin house at moonlake.Sally has left the house because she is very afraid and cant stay another day there.The very first night there you discover why Sally is so afraid. A wild pack of dogs with glowing eyes have surrounded the cabin and are jumping at the doors and windows trying to get in. You must find the reason why this is happening and bring peace to Moonlake.
There are 3 characters you meet, The Park Ranger, a Bird Watcher, and the owner of a store.Each has their own reasons for wanting Sally to sell her home and leave Moonlake.
There are chores you have to do for each person to get the items you need to continue exploring.
In the game there is a forest which is really a maze. You do get a map so follow it closely. You move by right and left arrows by clicking on them and it gets confusing.But I know if I can do it, so can anyone else.
To travel to different location you have use of a motor boat. But one puzzle is, you have to fix it before you can use it.
There are plenty of locations to explore and there are some underground tunnels, again very maze like.Also a secret passway.
Most of the puzzles involves the Dogs so take good notes about them.
I played the game in Junior level, but there is a senior level also.
Like all Nancy Drew games you must act fast at the ending or else its second chance for you!
I really enjoyed this game, I think its the best one Herinteractive has made.I give it a A+
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Hi catsmom2.

Nice review !!

Sounds like a game with a really good story laugh


Mad wave
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Good review catsmom - Nancy Drew is next on my buy list - in fact I'm heading for Best Buy today or tomorrow hoping to pick it up.