Lands of Lore III

Posted by: VHLMagic

Lands of Lore III - 02/12/03 06:41 AM

Lands Of Lore III

by Westwood Studios.

System requirements are:

Windows 95/98 or Windows NT 4.0 OS
Pentium 166 MHz CPU or higher
32 MBs of RAM
450 MBs HD space
4x CD ROM drive or faster
16 bit DirectSound compatible sound card
Direct X 6.0 compatible video card with
1MB of RAM (2MB recommended)
Microsoft compatible mouse & mouse driver

The game itself reminds me very much of
Gardian of Destiny in that it has pretty
much the same type of graphics.

The fighting in this game is easy.
You can use the mouse or keyboard for
many of your movements or spell use.

Unlike Gardian of Destiny this game
has 4 Guilds that you can join and all
of them will sell you either armor or
weapons or magic spells or magic items.

You also have a town area and sewers
that you can explore and find a couple
of stores to sell and buy in.

You don't change every 2 minutes in
this game like you did in Gardian of
Destiny (from a man to a beast or a
smaller animal)forget what it was now,
,in fact you don't change at all.

You have lost you soul so go and
explore and soon you will find out
how and what you have to do to get
it back.

I did come to Gameboomers for help
more than once and am glad they are
here for me.

The game did need a patch and its
located on the Westwood site.

I did beat the game and what a
beautiful sure makes
everything you go through worth

I did enjoy the game and will play
it again in the future smile
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Nice to hear your opinion, VHLMagic thumbsup

I enjoyed this game too laugh


Mad wave
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Re: Lands of Lore III - 02/14/03 04:32 PM

Absolutely loved S-S-Syruss!