SerpentHead Revisited Demo

Posted by: lasanidine

SerpentHead Revisited Demo - 04/03/03 11:42 PM

A short review of the demo of SerpentHead Revisited

The game was created by: Kathy Salisbury
Pharos Games

I just finished playing the demo of SerpentHead Revisited and my very first thought was “what a pity that I do not have children with whom I could play this very nice little game”.

Downloading the demo was easy and it installed in a very professional manner.

After and interesting introduction a picture of the castle appeared and it looked like all the castles we dream about when we are kids; a moat, a drawbridge with big chains. It is built with heavy stones to last and you know right away that only by foul magical means can its defenses be breached.

I went in and there I embarked of the quest to find the magical artifact that would help to defeat the black magician and his dragon cohorts who wrecked havoc on the inhabitants before and are planning to do more damage in the future. I found myself facing a cryptic message, two locked doors and the first of many interesting puzzles to solve. Right away I knew that I would need cunning and care to proceed and must use my powers of observation to the full…

I cannot say anymore without giving away the story.

The game is point and click with and easy to use inventory.

The demo plays well and my interest is engaged so guess where I will go next, to buy the game of course.

It is always a pleasure to see the work of independent adventure game designers and if their game engine is not the latest “hotshot” one or the graphics are not 3D they make up for it with ingenuity and we can feel that the love they lavish on their creations is the true love of adventure…
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Re: SerpentHead Revisited Demo - 04/03/03 11:49 PM

I am glad to see you chose Kathy's game demo as your next review. smile

I agree with everything you said and have nothing but praise for this gem. Great comment about wishing you had children there to play the demo with. I think her games are fun solo - but wonderful as a family game.

Good choice and well said. smile

Posted by: LenG

Re: SerpentHead Revisited Demo - 04/07/03 03:39 AM

IMHO smile .....................
The demo is very long ... for a demo (posted the walkthru on GB), and covers almost the first third of the full game.
The full game (if you haven't already played the demo) is of average length ... maybe a bit less.