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Morrowind/Tribunal - 04/24/03 06:44 AM


Minimim System Requirements are:

Windows ME/98 128 MB RAM
Windows XP/2000 256 MB RAM
500 MHz Intel Pentium III
Celeron, or AMD Athlon processor
8x CD/DVD-ROM Drive
1 GB free hard disk space
Windows swapfile
DirectX 8.1 (included)
32MB Direct 3D
Compatible video card
DirectX 8.1 compatible driver
DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card

This game was never suppose to work on this
computer (this according to my son who built this computer).

Since I had just spent the last of my Birthday money
on it...I at least had to try to install it...didn't I?

Imagine his surprise when it did install and worked???
hehehe smile

Well the game was kind of slow on this computer but
when you really want to play something bad enough...
you learn to slow down and let it load the next area.

We have Windows 98 and apparently not enough of the
other stuff for this game to run fast and smooth the
way it should. It kept freezing up where I had to
restart the computer now and then.

There were times I had to restart more often.....
other times it ran just fine.

I did turn down all the graphics,music and whatever else
I could think of to do to help and I also installed
the 1.2 patch.

This did not stop me from enjoying the game anyway.

In my opinion...even if you have to turn down the
graphics,it still looks pretty good.

I also loved the music and it would stay in my head
the rest of the time that I was not playing.

This game reminds me very much of the Might & Magic
games as far as equipment and magic and joining guilds
goes. You also have to find trainers to up level your
skills in magic,equipment,fighting and so on.
Those trainers are everywhere so speak to everyone.
You also increase your numbers by using your equipment
and or magic or skills.

I was amazed at how big the Silt Striders are.
This is one of the ways you can travel besides boat
or Teleport in the Mage Guild.

I decided to be a Battlemage and a Dark Elf which gave
me both melee and magic.

The monsters are certainly not the same type as you
find in every other game. They are different looking
and really make you think (as your standing there)and
wonder, "What do I use on this one?"

My long blade turned out to be the best weapon to use.
I don't remember where I found it but it worked great for
me and my long blade skill went way up fast.

I found glass armor and that helped me to carry more stuff
because it is light armor and the rating on it is high.

I also used the a plug-in called shakti-temple-fences among
others which gave me a person and a chest to store stuff in at every temple or
stronghold that I could teleport to if I was over encumbered.
This helped me a lot since they have about 250,000 coins or
whatever the money is called in this game.
They buy everything from you.

The game map is really really
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Re: Morrowind/Tribunal - 05/26/03 08:10 AM

Great rewiew.
I resently got it, and I really want to play.
When I got time. Is training my fairies in Zanzarah, so it will take long time to get to it.

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Re: Morrowind/Tribunal - 05/28/03 12:13 PM

Thanks very much, VHL. I have this on the shelf to play one day, and I was happy to see your comment about the similarity to Might and Magic, because I loved those games (well, except 9).