Journeyman 2 Buried in Time

Posted by: bigmamma1

Journeyman 2 Buried in Time - 05/17/03 05:06 PM

Another classic game in my collection finished-am playing the trilogy backwards-started with J3.
You...are Gage Blackwood, time traveler extrodinaire, jauntily traveling back and forth from his fabulous 23rd century apartment to a derelict space station, then to Chichen Itza in the Mayan world, to Chateau Gallard in the time of Richard the Lionhaert, to Leonardo DaVinci's studio .There's also a trip to a fantastic alien spaceship, but don't let them see you! You do all this faster and easier that flying from California to New York...because you have a handy time travel suit and of course a translator chip for those assorted languages and alphabets you might encounter along the way..Oh and you have to hide from the natives-for this a cloaking device is supplied.
Liked Richard the Lionheart's castle the best, It felt like you were wandering around in the middle ages.Found the space station too confusing and sometimes you run out of air if you don't find the gadgets in time, a slight inconvenience.(you die)
I was impressed by the commentary on the human tendancy toward war and violence when Gage looks at the clip of Agent 3 visiting World War 1,WW2, Hitler and the atom bomb, then the "terrorist Massacres of 2019"...Interesting that the writers didn't envision this until later on in history.
An intriguing story in spite of the awkward interface and small window-only about 1 third of your screen. You move around by clicking on arrows that point in 4 directions and light up when you can move.Very hard to get used to after playing in 360 degrees with full motion.The inventory is harder to get at than the newer games-much scrolling up and down.
All things considered, glad I played this game for more insight into what happened before Gage's adventures in the next episode, J3. Now I know why he was mind-wiped and who did it....What a relief-something I always wanted to know, since playing J3.
Posted by: Jenny100

Re: Journeyman 2 Buried in Time - 05/17/03 10:51 PM

It's been years since I played Journeyman 2 and I don't remember much about it. But I do remember I liked the castle and da Vinci's workshop. And I didn't like the small viewing window, the navigation arrows, or the inventory. I also remember reading in an interview that Brad Dourif, who played the part of Saavedro in Myst III: Exile, enjoyed JP2 and thought it was great how you get to visit Leonardo da Vinci's workshop.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Journeyman 2 Buried in Time - 05/18/03 08:29 AM

Good review. I agree with your analysis of the game's good points and bad points. The historical locations were great -- they drew you in and felt real. In some ways they felt even more real than those in JP3, I think.

The interface was a bit strange, but interesting because it prefigured 360 degree panning with the ability to look up and not just around. That small viewing window was frustrating though. Too bad you couldn't appreciate the scenery through a full screen.

I loved Gage's apartment. I want to live in Gage's apartment.
Posted by: bigmamma1

Re: Journeyman 2 Buried in Time - 05/18/03 08:53 AM

Yup, Becky, I felt the same way about Gage's apt! What a view-and sooo, well, elegant. If I was rich, I would hire an architect to "replicate" it-perhaps locate it in the southwest canyonlands.

Also wish the scenery could have been seen on the whole screen. Wonder if they'll ever remake ome of these great older games?