The Getaway: Black Monday review.

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The Getaway: Black Monday review. - 05/30/05 11:56 PM

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Re: The Getaway: Black Monday review. - 06/01/05 08:11 PM

Another good review! Are the streets of London this violent in Real Life, I wonder? I thought the Brits were supposed to be especially law-abiding.

I had to laugh at the idea that the whole town is turned upside-down by a gang from Latvia. Latvia has never struck me as a terribly threatening place. Have I been misinformed?

I liked what you said about fixing some gameplay issues while introducing new problematic gameplay issues. Any change is risky, but the developers don't want to just produce a series of Getaway clones either, do they?

Curious about the stealth missions. Are they poorly done in the context of the game? Or do you find them annoying in general. smile
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Re: The Getaway: Black Monday review. - 06/01/05 11:45 PM

Well Becky, London is supposed to be pretty safe. In this game, you probably kill more people then the gunshot deaths total in London during a 2 year span.

Latvian mobsters is a stupid idea. I don't even know where Latvia is, let alone the fact that they're probably harmless. I think they decided to use Latvia because Russian mobs are overdone.

Yeah, you always wanna try something new, but the problem is that all my problems are little quirks that just don't make any sense.

I love stealth games. The Metal Gear games are my favorite games of all time. Plus Splinter Cell is great too. Becky, these Stealth missions are just plain garbage, and are no fun at all.

Thanks for liking my review!