Far Cry review

Posted by: Alone in the dark Freak

Far Cry review - 06/21/05 12:27 AM

Far Cry has got to be one of the most beutiful games I have ever played besides RE4, Far cry has also got some stellar gameplay, and realistic gameplay thumbsup , like not being able to shoot your guns while swimming. The story isn't that bad either, you play a man named Jack Carver, you came with a scientist named Valerie, you are in the pacific islands when your boat gets blown up by mecenaries and Valerie is taken away, after she left on a jetski. You wake up in a sewege vat left for dead, you get in touch with a scientist and the game goes from there scared .

you get many weapons ranging from Desert Eagles, to rocket launchers. You also get binoculars wich detect your enemies and mark them on your mini-map along with their awareness level, ranging from idle: green, to aware: orange, to alert: red.

But it's not like Metel Gear Solid where your enemies have a field of vision. Of course they can only see so far, but they can see very, VERY far and not only that, but the snipers, basically if you can see them, they can see you, and they won't hesitate to fire a rocket at you.

Also the game comes with a map editor, sure it's a little complex, but it's worth it to get rid of enemies in levels and put vehicles and weapons in levels. You can also have fun with the editor's nicer features, like making a chain of explosives in a level to basically kill every enemy with one shot wink .

I would say that far cry is probably the best PC game ever made besides Half-Life. I give it 10 out of 5! Great work Crytek!! praise praise praise praise praise
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Re: Far Cry review - 06/21/05 07:41 AM

Freak ! I think I have to agree with you about Far Cry.
The graphics in this game are visually stunning and I found the sound and the game play smooth and trouble free.
I would recommend this game to anyone who is into first person shooters.
Wether your a novice or a Delta Team member. There is a level just for you!
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Re: Far Cry review - 06/21/05 09:26 AM

You couldn't be more true, Also the level editor is fun to use once you get the hang of it, you can adjust enemy positions, weapons locations, vehicle locations, and more. Also you can link stuff together from across the level, like making a bunch of explosive barrels and linking them together, shooting one, and everyone gets blown up wink !

EDIT: Plus the realistic rendering is amazing . the water looks almost real! AND the tree's leaves are not 2D like SO many games out there !
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Re: Far Cry review - 06/21/05 09:50 AM

I totally agree with all said, Far Cry is an outstanding FPS. smile