Last rose in a Desert Garden

Posted by: mrkwang

Last rose in a Desert Garden - 06/21/05 01:08 PM

When I was young, nuclear war happened. Everything was gone, and my mother died recently . I want to go out to find another living, to know I'm not the only one. ...

This is post-apocalyptic adventure game, which is always dark & dim. In fact, it's rather Short SF fiction novel than a game, because player doesn't do many action.

The problem lies there. Game is short, but Text is somewhat long for such time length. Text itself could not be very long, but Font Color is Dark-Red, which somebody have hard time to read. This game could not be very suitable for who can't read very well, due to that Font.

But this is very good game. Only with very few Pictures - Midi Sounds, and not very long texts, this game became very Dark & Dim all the way. It could be very different experience for everyone.

If you can read All of that Dark-Red texts, you'd better play this. Play time is very short, so if you've not stuck, could clear it within 30 minutes.

Where to get

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Re: Last rose in a Desert Garden - 06/22/05 08:04 PM

Thanks mrkwang. I've been reading about this one in the Discussion forum. It sounds as though it is unlike any other game out there.
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Re: Last rose in a Desert Garden - 06/23/05 12:58 PM

Thanks for reply. smile

Just the problem might be, this game is not for everyone. Words are hard to read, atmosphere is too dark to stand.
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Re: Last rose in a Desert Garden - 06/24/05 07:18 PM


Thanks for the information on this game, you are right about being able to read, it was done poorly and I sure can't read it. Hope maybe they will change it.

Thanks again

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