Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers

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Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers - 07/24/03 12:04 AM

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This mini review is in response to a plea from THE MODS for member reviews - of games old or new .....

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Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers

This is an old game which suffers from dated graphics, is highly likely to be buggy and could possibly be difficult to get up and running.

Right. That's all the negative stuff done with and forgotten now laugh

Let's start again.......

This is a fabulous old style adventure game with a long and gripping storyline, a hero with a voice to die for and a darned good musical soundtrack.

The theme is Voodoo.
The locations are New Orleans, Germany and Africa.
And the story draws you back to your computer time and time again because you've just GOT to see what happens next.

Gabriel Knight is a handsome young man about town who owns a book shop in new Orleans - which he runs with the assistance of an attractive student called Grace - and there is, of course, more than a hint of romance in the air.

He is destined to become a great "fighter of evil" and this game and its two sequels provide the basis for three wonderful stories which between them encompass the mysteries of Voodoo, The Werewolf and The Vampire.
["Fighter" only in an "adventure game" sense of course wink ]

All three games stand alone and they can be played in any order but I personally think it helps to play Sins of the Fathers first as it's in this game that you find out how Gabriel first becomes aware of his destiny.

The three games also come in different formats.
The first - Sins of the Fathers - is old school point and click, 3rd person.
The second - the Beast Within - uses full motion video.
And the third - Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned - is in (fairly early) 3D mode.

The story of Sins of the Fathers begins at the time of some particularly brutal murders (with overtones of voodoo) having taken place in New Orleans - and Gabriel's long time friend "Mosely" (a policeman) finds himself in charge of the investigation.

Mosely is not the cleverest of folks and our hero is soon running rings round him and making a much better job of investigating the murders himself.

These investigations bring Gabriel into contact with a side of his family and family history that was previously unknown to him and from then on in his destiny is set.

Hope this is enough of a taste of the game to tempt those people who haven't yet played it....

[You mean there ARE some ????]


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Mad, it was an absolute delight to read, and thank you very much! Yes, please do more! happydance
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Re: Gabriel Knight : Sins of the Fathers - 07/24/03 02:47 PM

Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad - terrific review laugh I absolutely loved Sins of the Father - by far my favorite of the three. It's one of the few games that I've played more than once.