Divine Divinity

Posted by: VHLMagic

Divine Divinity - 07/27/03 05:17 AM

Divine Divinity Review

System Requirements for this game:

CPU: Pentium II 450 MHz
Ram: 128 MB Ram minimum
256 MB Recommended
Video Card: Directx 8.0 compatible, 8MB
800x600 minimum
Soundcard: 100% DirectSound compatible
CD ROM: 4x or faster
OS: Win98/ME/2000/XP
Hard Drive: 2.5 GB of free disk space
You need a mouse and video card must support
a minimum resolution of 640x480

The game itself is played with only
one person.
I decided to play 3 games back and forth,
a lady Mage,a Warrior man and a Survivor man
also to see how the game went with each one.
I wanted to see what kind of magic
each would get and what kind of quests
each would get also.

Although each one had the same quests
they did feel like 3 different games
because I went to different places and
not the same exact ones at the same time.

I almost quit the 2 games and was going
to continue with just one but which one
do you quit?

Well 3/4 of the way through and after
playing back and forth to much I did decide
to go with the Warrior just to finish
this game. I have more new games sitting there
taunting me.
Play me. Play me.

You could make them as strong as you
want so at one point my Mage was the
strongest in melee.

They each had different Armor and different
The Armor and Weapons seem to be random so
before you ID something, you may want to save
the game to see what kind of stats the weapon
or Armor gets.

The graphics and the music were very good in
this game and I really really loved the music.

By pressing Control and F11 you can save screen
shots and I have several to use on my desktop.

There are special things in this game like finding
Holy Weapons to combine into one powerful weapon.

Finding Dragon Armor and Armor of Larian which
become very porwerful also.
To get the Armor of Larian you need a Silver Breastplate
which is then turned into the special Armor.

You also need to find 4 pieces of Treasure Map which
are hidden in the game world.

There is a very special Wishing Well which will also
grant you a very special wish.

My favorite weapon was Slasher and I did very good with it.
My favorite magic to use were Meteorstrike and Lightning.
Lightning pretty much took care of the big bad guys very
quick especially if you right clicked very fast before they
had much time to do anything.
If you combined freeze and lightning back and forth then you
had them good.
You do have to watch your health which I forgot to watch often
but soon learned to do that hehe.
Save Save Save before you try anything new or you will
have to play from the last save which may not be as close
as you want to be.
This was another thing I kept forgetting to do often (groan).
The fighting wasn't very hard to do because you click once
on the enemy and the caracter just continued to slash away at
You do however have to keep clicking to use your magic or he/she
will quit using it.

As far as the patch goes...I did have problems with the world map
in making it bigger or smaller in Verdistis but to get away from this
problem I just teleported to Rivertown and got the map to the size I
wanted before I continued on with the game.

The only thing I really didn't like about this game is that you
only get 1 point to use with either a skill or magic.
Two points if you were lucky.

There are many skills and magic to chose from and each skill and magic needs 5 levels to be really strong.

I really enjoyed playing this game and will play it again and
again in the future.
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Re: Divine Divinity - 07/27/03 08:58 AM

It's a terrific game for someone who has never played before. The action is all turned based - in otherwords you hit the spacebar and all action stops, even mid battle and won't start up again until you hit the spacebar again. You can then change weapons or spells or whatever you're doing, transport the heck out of there if you're getting your clock cleaned to rest up somewhere else and get healty again to get back into the fray or grab your teleporter stone and come back later when you're stronger.

As to hours - I started on the 7th of June and finished about 6 weeks later - playing everyday, sometimes 8 hours at a stretch. I would estimate it took me easily 100+ hours to finish and I wanted it to go on and on lol Oh and for those keyboard whimps wink it's all mouse controlled.

The graphics are gorgeous, the music like VHL said is wonderful and the dialogue is funny as heck.

I miss being the Divine One [sigh]
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity - 07/27/03 11:17 AM

Great review VHL; thanks so much! bravo
How interesting that you played all three characters, and were able to see the resultant difference in gameplay.
Isn't it amazing that this game sold almost entirely by word of mouth?
It moved solidly into my top ten favorite games of all genres. I too adored the music, and often just sat at the load up screen to hear the theme played!
I really think this game is the one to play if you are the least interested in experiencing an RPG. It's difficult in a few parts, and it's so much longer and larger than most adventure games it might be a tad startling at first, but it never overwhelms you with difficulty or complexity, and more than likely would have you grinning from ear to ear ( Anyone remember these stats: Under strength, "Frail little old ladies could beat you at arm wrestling"). laugh
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Re: Divine Divinity - 07/28/03 06:01 AM

Hi all,

Well it may not sound possible but I started to play the 3 games back and forth in March and just finished a week ago or so.
It would have taken longer if I had chosen to continue with all 3 but I only finished with the one game.
I do remember reading the stats and laughing my head off at the stuff written there.
Well the game would be different with each caracter because each had different strengths or magic abilities and with random ID info you had Armor and Weapons which also were different. smile
My Warrior would tell me he was getting a headache from the magic use and I would say,"To bad because you ARE going to use your magic mister."
My Mage however was able to use magic for much longer before I needed more mana potions.
I wasn't sure if I could get through this game without God Mode but was really surprised when I did do it all by myself hehe. smile
Oh and when you are on pause you have to be careful.
If you are teleporting somewhere else than not a problem in the middle of a battle.
If you are using potions or moving anything around in inventory you will be taken off pause and the enemy will attack you so be prepared to hit the space bar often.
I will be getting the expansion pack for this game and I have learned to burn my saves onto a CD so I have them. smile
If anyone wants the music you can find it on the Larian site here.

Larian Studios - Divinity


Now you can listen to it whenever you want. smile
Posted by: nickie

Re: Divine Divinity - 08/15/03 10:55 PM

VHL, sure I can believe how long it took! I just played with one character, but I did do some scenes over and over to see what different results I could get, and I do believe I spent close to 200 hours on the game. Didn't get tired of it until the Wastelands, but then missed it desperately when I finished!
Riftrunner will be a stand alone game though, with a new character to bring up to scratch. I sure do look forward to it as well!