Egypt II The Heliopolis Prophecy

Posted by: lasanidine

Egypt II The Heliopolis Prophecy - 08/20/03 11:20 PM

Egypt II The Heliopolis Prophecy

Now you ask yourself why someone would write a review of a game that has been reviewed both by GB staff and a GB member. Both of those reviews were excellent and I am not trying to imply that they missed any of the pertinent facts of the game. I am just looking at this game form another angle and here it is what I have to say.

Some time ago I wrote a review of Aztec or The Secret Amulet and a lot that I had to say about that game applies here.

Egypt II is a stand alone game in spite of its name. It has all the ingredients of a good and informative game with plenty of literature to help to understand the circumstances, the life and times of the people who populate it. All this comes from and expert. Not only that but would you believe there is not one mummy in sight rampaging or otherwise, this is a very refreshing thing in a game that takes place in Egypt. We have had mummies up to the gills already.

The game is linear, you do what you have to in one sphere and finish your task else you stay put. The story is good and the puzzles (never too hard) are pertinent to the story and you always know what you have to do. There are no red herrings or mind benders. The protagonist a priestess is a truly nice person, caring, loving and relentless in pursuing the truth and tireless in trying to aid the ailing. The graphics are a delight to behold, the music is very nice and I hope you like drums. It is really a point and click game with cut scenes of the movements of the protagonist.

There comes the reason why I am writing this review: if I had to introduce a new gamer to adventure gaming, this would be the game I would recommend. This is a basic adventure game at it best. No great mystery, no irrelevant puzzles just a nice steady game anybody can enjoy and it is a game that definitely should not be missed even by the most demanding gamer. If you have young children from about 8 on this would be a very good game to play as a family project.

I played it on XP/Pro
Radeon 9500 Pro
DirectX 9.0
With the latest version of Quicktime
The computer was too fast for the game and the speaking sound suffered for it. I did not bother to adjust the speed.

I played in on XP/Home
Nvidia GeForce4 Ti 4200
DirectX 9.0
With the latest version of Quicktime
It played perfectly.

I played it on Win 98
ATI tech. 3D Rage with and updated driver
DirectX 9.0
Latest version of Quicktime
It played OK but a little slower.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Egypt II The Heliopolis Prophecy - 08/21/03 07:54 AM

We have had mummies up to the gills already

A refreshing new slant on the game. Are the locations too dark in places? I understand that in the first game in this series the gamer spends an inordinate amount of time in the dark.
Posted by: lasanidine

Re: Egypt II The Heliopolis Prophecy - 08/21/03 07:53 PM

No Becky there are no dark places in this game unless one calls the store room or the main room of the adopted father's house dark. Even the mine shafts are well lit.

This is a game well worth playing.