Dead City

Posted by: mrkwang

Dead City - 07/08/05 03:24 AM

When you went Madhouse, Girl Friend was murdered brutally. Without any reason to live furthermore, you want to find the murderer & do revenge, inside this dead city. ...

1st. person Point & Click adventure, but not [Myst] clone, so you could enjoy even if [Myst] is not your pie. Hot Spot is very few, and easy to find, so it's not very hard to play. Background graphic & music are all dark & dim, so dark atmosphere is very impressive.

Of course, it has some or few problems. Too dark to see the screen, so even if Hot Spot is not hard to find, it could be hard to try Hot Spot. And atmosphere is too dark or brutal, even if there are not any graphic gore in the screen, so you could feel harmed. This game is very short, but if it's longer, could be really disgusting for somebody who doesn't like such things.

Besides such cons, this game is really worth. Short time - Freeware - Good Graphic & Music - even Easy Interface. If you could endure dark atmosphere of [Dead City], it's really worth trying.

Where to get (Freeware, Download) :
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead City - 07/09/05 08:47 AM

Hey mrkwang -- thanks for the review. This is a game I hadn't heard of before.

Just curious -- if it doesn't spoil the plot -- why is the city dead?
Posted by: mrkwang

Re: Dead City - 07/09/05 09:02 AM

Originally posted by Becky:
why is the city dead?
Not sure exactly how I could describe, however it could be REAL or JUST INSIDE HIS MIND.
Posted by: Becky

Re: Dead City - 07/10/05 08:49 AM

Ahhh, that adds another layer to what might be going on in the game. Thanks!