Dracula's Secret

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Dracula's Secret - 07/13/05 11:35 PM

Dracula’s Secret is a charming children’s game. Although it is an older game (1997) and the graphics are dated by today’s standards, you will quickly succumb to the game’s humor and sheer pleasure and forget about it’s trivial shortcomings.

Most adventure games we play with the intent of moving the story forward. We are required to perform tasks and solve puzzles to further the story. You will have to do the same here, but there isn’t much story. It is better to play Dracula’s Secret a little different. To truly enjoy the game, you must explore every little thing. Most of what you find will not be necessary to complete the game. In fact, to get the ultimate enjoyment from the game, do everything wrong. Sure you know how to do this puzzle or that one, but your funny bone will appreciate your mistakes. Even the mazes, the slider and timed puzzles.

The game opens with you locked in a graveyard. You need to escape the graveyard and make your way to Dracula’s Castle over the river. You will find a few paths, a couple of them will lead you to a bridge that is in desperate need of repair. The bridge must be repaired with different items that you will either find or earn when you complete a task.

Once you arrive at the Castle, find a way to enter and then set about exploring all the different rooms and the surprises each room has to offer. Your goal is to find all the pieces of Dracula’s Family Crest and then place them on the correct coffin to free Dracula.

The game is 1st person, point and click. There are quite a lot of characters in the game (and I truly mean characters). It plays right from the CD. The interface is easy to learn and use. There is 3 levels of difficulty to choose from, an in-game hint system and a replay button for the puzzles.

System Requirement:
This is an old game that is a Win95/Mac hybrid game.

Originally played on:
512mb ram
128mb nvidia video card
DirectX 8

Recently played on:
XP Pro
512mb ram
128mb nvidia video card
DirectX 9.oc

I have had a couple of random error messages on XP that did kick me out of the game. They were never in the same place. Saving in the game is very quick and easy. I recommend saving often.
Compatibility Mode:
Win 95
256 colors


P.S. I have it on good authority that even children like this game.
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Re: Dracula's Secret - 07/14/05 07:11 AM

P.S. I have it on good authority that even children like this game.
I loved this line!

Wow, how did I miss this one? I've never even heard of it.