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Physicus - 10/13/03 04:51 PM

Not a proper review, but a few comments from one who has just finished this little treasure!!

Intriguing game, I played Chemicus in the same series first and was not too sure what to expect... Physicus is much more raw, Very logical in what you must find and use, listen to the laptop help and you can get through most puzzles.

As I only studied physics to the age of 14, I felt a great deal of satisfaction at being able to solve some of the puzzles with little added input from the 'lappy' !! However, some of the manipulations left a Lot to be desired. I got stuck for ages trying to use the lever on the boiler for the weight puzzle, only to discover by accident that I could actually Move the lever, rather than just clicking on it as I had with other hand hotspots!! This made me try the same tactic with other buttons and levers.. getting me stuck again when a simple click would have got me past the problem. Grr!!

It is a very short game, I started it yesterday and have now finished, with other commitments in between, BUT I would say I got a great deal out of it, working out the equations etc. I Do hope Tivola do a maths based one smile OK, groan all you like, I would enjoy it!!!

It ran flawlessly on XP, with quite a high spec machine, the only downside was the end sequence which was exceedingly blocky, probably down to my graphics card. I didn't really want to see each pixel, maybe if I had been playing in a lower graphics mode it would have looked better!!

Now I am going to try it out on our son.. with the incentive you have to launch a 'meteorite' as the carrot!! That's IF I can tear him away from Firewarrior of course..

I would say its a great game for a time when you are waiting for the next Serious adventure challenge and Very satisfying if you can complete it with little or no recourse to a w/t.


tig wave
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Re: Physicus - 10/14/03 03:52 PM

Hi Tiggs, I liked Physicus too. The forge lever was deliberately designed for pulling to teach us about levers. I found the game entertaining but short. I thought the best part was the tutorial part.

I liked all three of these games of Tivola (Chemicus, Physicus and Bioscopia) and you are right, let’s hope the make one about math.
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Re: Physicus - 10/14/03 08:50 PM

PHYSICUS was the first of those three games I played, and I thought it was the most charming. It had a Jules Vernish quality to it which I liked.

Lady K.
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Re: Physicus - 01/31/07 02:31 AM

Comments from Kateet2001

I JUST completed this game after installing and spending hours exploring and playing around with things. Went to another game, got hopelessly stuck and came back to this one to finish it.

The ideallic scenary, charming buildings, puzzling gizmos, and quaint contraptions blended together very well. I had some trouble with navigation and interaction with objects and, as I told Tally Ho, it was as if different people were determining which cursor icons to use, whether a lever should be click-hold-pull or just click even when it was the same lever operated at two different times.

The laptop "primer" could be engaging at times which surprised me. The only real annoyance came when I saved the first time and discovered something I had done had become undone during the save. As it turned out, this only happens with minor gizmos, like flipping a switch and then saving before leaving the room or setting an access code and opening the door but not entering before saving. A couple of times, I did have to backtrack to find the 'culprit'.

Still, it wasn't difficult and felt most like puttering around a rather large, living laboratory on a pretty little island. I came in a "space ship" (?), saved the planet, and left in a "space ship", I think.

Time to dust off hands and go find another world to save.
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Re: Physicus - 01/31/07 07:58 AM

It sounds very appealing! I know it's on my shelf, I just have to find the time to play it.

Thanks wave
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Re: Physicus - 01/31/07 09:03 AM

Sigh. L4L, I know exactly what you mean.