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Safecracker - 10/23/03 12:52 PM

Safecracker, a Mini review.

(Editor's Note: This review is of the original Safecracker game, not Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Game, which was released in 2006.)

Game spec Win 95, 486DX2, 16mb ram, SVGA 640 x 480 display, 15mb hard drive space, 2x cd rom, quicktime. You also get a disc for the mac version.

Will run on XP.

If your computer has a lot of ram, you may have to alter the amounts of virtual memory, as if the minimum set by your machine is over 999, the game won’t recognise it.

I have had this game sitting on my shelf for 2 years. Thought it was about time I had a go at cracking it. Once I had sorted the VM problem, I was off and running.


A simple point and click interface, a good sized inventory, simple easy to understand instructions.


The graphics are beautiful, with much attention to detail. You actually feel like you are going to bump into people there!! Music plays in the background, which changes from room to room so you never get bored.

The game itself

Really, it’s like a treasure hunt, solve a problem, then use the clues you find to go solve the next one. Theres artwork to admire, slot machines to play, oh and of course a slider puzzle….. I found the game very immersive, I just wanted to go back an do just one more safe… now I’ve done them all so will have to find something else to play. Oh and when you finish, make sure you play the video cassette which is in the last safe!!! I Loved that bit!!


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Re: Safecracker - 10/23/03 10:10 PM

SAFECRACKER is a cross platform game and will also play on a Power Mac OS System 7.5 or later, 6.5 MB RAM (8.5 recommended), 15 MB hard disk space, 4x CD-ROM drive or faster.

Oh, Tig, you forgot to tell them about the notebooks. laugh

Lady K.
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Re: Safecracker - 10/24/03 05:29 AM

I have never encountered a safe in a game that didn't give me fits. I don't have any trouble figuring out the combinations -- I just can't make the combinations work. I have to call in a third party to turn the dial for me.

Encountering safe after safe after safe seems, well, horrifying. How on earth do they manage to make it fun?
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Re: Safecracker - 10/24/03 10:10 AM

The puzzles you are dealing with Make it fun... number trees, anagrams, One slider, the safes aren't All big cast iron monstrosities.. theres a really weird jester whose eyes, ears and tongue you have to reset.. its just soo imaginative!! The first few safes are pretty easy too, so it gives you confidence to go on smile

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Re: Safecracker - 10/24/03 02:13 PM

There isn't a conventional combination lock in the place. One safe is a jukebox, another uses signal flags, some have a series of switches, one uses pictures, another is audio triggered, and some have a set of keys you have to find. There are books to read, files to open, and even food to eat. The basement is a bit creepy, too. It's lots of fun.

Lady K.