Nancy Drew Secret of the Old Clock

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Nancy Drew Secret of the Old Clock - 08/23/05 03:15 PM

I personally enjoyed this game, it was interesting, and different from all other Nancy Drew games because it take place in the 1930's.

The Mystery:
In Nancy Drew's "first case" she is called to The Lilac Inn by a girl that she only knows through her distant friend Helen Corning. The girl is Emily Crandall, who's mother recently passed away. Leaving, Emily to run the Inn only with help from her guardian, Jane Willoughby. Emily wants Nancy to put some jewelery of her mothers in a safe that Nancy's father has. Then, a sudden accident happens, and the jewelery goes missing. This is not the first time this has happened, Emily claims. And what happened to the money that Josiah Crowley, the Crandall's corky neighbor, had promised he would leave them in his will? It's up to Nancy Drew to solve the mystery of Secret of the Old Clock.

Secret of the Old Clock has a wide variety of suspects. To start off, a young 17 year old, Emily Crandall. She has been left with running the Inn all by herself since her mother passed away, but could this teenager, have a secret to hide? What about the teenager's guardian- Jane Willoughby. She says Emily's been acting very weird lately, and has been very forgetfull. She claims Emily is still sad over her mothers death and is incapable of running the inn. But maybe this woman has a fib or two in her tales.
There's also Lilac Inn's next door neighbor, ESP expert Richard Topham. He used to be Josiah Crowleys ESP tacher before he died. What's suspicous about this man, other than his unusual knowledge of ESP is that Josiah Crowley left him everything he owned in his will. Last but not least, is cheerful banker Jim Archer. Little does everyone know, his bank has been going way down hill. Could it be that this banker has more sinister ways of making money, than his job?
Put together, these characters make a great group of suspects!

All the Places You'll Go
To start off, Lilac Inn for one. You will be able to walk to ESP Expert Richard Tophams home. Theres a mini golf course, that you will be able to walk to, and a carriage house. You will also be able to drive into town. In town you will be able to got to The Bank, Jewelers, Telegram store,and tons of other places. You will be visiting various places, in one of the puzzles in the game. You also need to buy gas for your car in town.
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Thanks for the review Phantom; you make it sound very exciting! wave
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Hi PhantomJ smile

Thanks for that !!

[Looking forward to this game laugh ]


Mad wave
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Hey PhantomJ -- Nice way to set the scene for us!

Just curious -- how many other Nancy Drews have you played?
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hi phantom, thanks for the review looking ford to gettimg this in the mail hopeful next week.
thanks, etta place sundances wife. luck
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i would definetly give this game two thumbs up!
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Re: Nancy Drew Secret of the Old Clock - 01/06/07 10:05 AM

Great review! This was my favorite ND game. I just loved driving that car and running those errands... what fun! The puzzles weren't quite as frustrating either. The miniature golf was suburb. I still go back and play it.