5 Days A Stranger and 7 Days a Skeptic -- A Reviews Compilation

Posted by: mrkwang

5 Days A Stranger and 7 Days a Skeptic -- A Reviews Compilation - 11/19/03 03:02 PM

5 Days a Stranger

I envy Western, where some Amateur game makers do good job. Sometimes they make masterpiece, or unusual game which can't be made by major companies. But I never expected to see such a good 'horror' adventure game, from AGS independent.

Brief Story : Our main character 'Trilby' is gentleman but a thief. Someday he entered an old house which must be empty due to death of ex-owner, but there were some people inside, and strangely, nobody can escape from there...

Due to AGS, graphic is not very good, sound is soso, plot has some blank points. Some puzzles are not solved easily which I think as bad puzzle, and space is too small even for an independence adventure. But about atmosphere, it is awesome! Even if this adventure could have some defects, I don't care due to that dark atmosphere all through the game!

Even if you are not interested in independant game at all, I think this game is worth to play. Don't wait, just go.

Official Homepage (Instruction - Download - Walkthrough)

*** Some part could be unavailable even if you check walkthrough. If so, check out http://www.fullyramblomatic.com forum for more detail.

7 Days a Skeptic

Wow! Sequel of [5 days a stranger]! Then is this Must-Play?

400 years after [5 days a stranger], this case starts in a spaceship. It's alike [Jason X] - [Hellraiser 4], or even [Event Horizon].

Map is still small, and in fact, much smaller than [5 days a stranger]. But this time, outside is SPACE, so no need for 'Why cannot escape?' thing. IT'S ALREADY NOWHERE TO GO AWAY situation. And that lock-out feeling still remains, which some people feels much worse.

Unfortunately, Cons exists. Suddenly few 'Real Time Action' appears, and if you failed, die instantly. Could not be annoying if you already know how to do, but who knows while playing first time? Changed interface is good, but not so good for 'Real Time Action'. So you could die very easily at then.

Unless those few 'Real Time' sequence, game is still good. Limited Graphic - Locked Up Atmosphere - Well used Music & Sound - ... etc, full of Good stuffs. Could be Must-Play, if you enjoyed [5 days a stranger].

Where to get (Freeware, Download) :

Walkthrough :
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Re: 5 Days A Stranger and 7 Days a Skeptic -- A Reviews Compilation - 11/19/03 03:34 PM

Thanks for the review MrKwang. I have started to play 5 Days a Stranger and, I agree with you, the atmosphere and sound effects are very good. I think I will plai more now. laugh
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Re: 5 Days A Stranger and 7 Days a Skeptic -- A Reviews Compilation - 11/19/03 05:00 PM

Sounds intriguing!! Off to have a look, even though I should be going to bed...

Edit... ahh the joys of ADSL.. downloaded in 30 seconds!!


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