Black Mirror

Posted by: aMaK

Black Mirror - 12/07/03 11:24 AM

I m a new member,and this is my first forgive me if i do "anything" wrong =)

At first i thought the noble guy (ourself) seemed so annoying...The conversations were too fake..But the games magic makes you become a noble gentleman in a while.There are some problems such as undetailed savings.The biggest problem is that the game doesnt say"its over"when you do something wrong and cannot finish the game...(Be extremely carefull when you SHOOT-this may be a hint to players without ruining it),So save often.
There are some classic "solutions",which can also be seen in Broken Sword 3.
another hint- If you get stuck while opening the jewel box-knights move in L shaped path
Besides this game saves you from spending a lot of time at wrong stuff.Sometimes the inventory changes automatically so you dont try to cut a gem with tootbrush
The game also prevents you go unnecessary places while you are on a puzzle,or job.
The materials which was not able to pick up or use can be usable after doing something so be carefull about that..I know that someone will say like.."this is an adventure game,we know that" but its not like ll see =)
You can see the screenexits bye pressing the TAB button..
As conclusion
The game has an incredible story,and adrenaline.I think the game is a real classic.....This game is absolutely in my topten list..

Posted by: Becky

Re: Black Mirror - 12/07/03 04:26 PM

Hi aMak! Welcome, and thanks for the review. I agree with your observation about the game shutting off unnecessary areas to visit -- this did save a lot of traipsing back and forth (though even with this feature it did feel to me as though I was going back and forth a lot).

Like you, I enjoyed the game a great deal, especially the story and the graphics. I liked the Edwardian architecture, all the little details and the golden light in much of the game with its late-afternoon glow. Black Mirror's graphics were so different than typical gloomy gothic-horror graphics, yet the environments were creepy in their own subtle way. You can tell that a lot of tender loving care went into creating the gameworld.
Posted by: Banshee

Re: Black Mirror - 05/18/04 04:03 PM

Just finished Black Mirror and thought it was a
great game. I love gothic mysteries and this was
right down my line. I felt I was immersed in the
action, in the environments, in the rain, in the big
old castle. I did need a saved game for the Zodiac
puzzle, but when I got that the rest went smoothly.
There were lots of fun things, like the jig-saw type
puzzles, going places just by clicking on a map, the
solar system puzzle, going far down underground,
the catacomb maze at the end--fun! fun! I really
enjoyed the game.
I was disappointed in the end when the hero had
another side to him which was shocking. And the
end was a bit weird, but loved the game and would
recommend it! Banshee
Posted by: nickie

Re: Black Mirror - 05/21/04 10:23 AM

Welcome aMak, and thanks for the review! You're right, that shooting puzzle was a bit tricky - stumped a lot of players. Even with the irratic storyline, I really enjoyed this game a lot, and am looking forward to the developer's next game that they are working on.
Posted by: Moogie

Re: Black Mirror - 07/12/04 03:38 AM

I really enjoyed Black Mirror too. I would agree about the stilted conversations; the accents were awful too. It made a change to have a different sort of ending from the usual ones. My main complaint was I found the dialogue too wordy. Isn't it difficult with adventure games to have just the right amount of speech? If it goes on too long, I stop concentrating and then miss something vital; well that's my excuse!
Posted by: maggie57

Re: Black Mirror - 07/14/04 01:24 AM

Hello All-

I finished this game and really liked it, I was just unhappy with the ending, I will not say as others are still playing this game and it would not be fair. But I hope they figure out a way to bring out another one. On my computer, which is fairly high speed and up to date, it worked perfect, no glitches at all. If the rating was 10+ I would give it a 9 3/4 +.

Margo wave
Posted by: adventurelover

Re: Black Mirror - 07/14/04 05:48 AM

Well, I see that everyone loved this game and the only disadvantage you have mentioned is the voice dialogues.Personally,I loved the wonderful and detailed graphics and generally the whole atmosphere,however when the plot started to unfold,I gained a feel of disgust about the whole plot and everything.So much blood...Why,in my opinion,ruin the game with so much blood?You might say that all this action games that so many people play include much more blood.Well,yes,but there are people like me that actually never play such games.They play only adventures and The Sims.I think that this detail in some brain and heads and so much blood it just shouldn't be there.When all these things started to happen in the game I didn't like it at all.I finished it just out of curiosity,to see if the end will make the game any better,but oh! exactly the opposite!As I said the game was wonderful in the start,with all the mystery and the wonderful locatons of the castle but the rest...The *SPOILER* were too many -five!!!-and with much blood and the complete frame change of the ending...I mean,I like frame changes but not similar to that!
Posted by: Harefoot

Re: Black Mirror - 07/18/04 02:37 PM

Hello, i'm new to Gameboomers as well and have to say i'm enjoying Black Mirror alot. Its been a long time since I played adventure type games but I do beleive that after playing Darkfall and now Black Mirror that I'm readdicted to a great genre of games. I just hope they end up making a Black Mirror 2 or something similiar. I really enjoy the dark, creepy, mysterious games.
Posted by: naturalanomaly

Re: Black Mirror - 10/18/04 11:51 PM

I loved Black Mirror for the most part. THe level of detail in it was amazing. The plot was interesting and kept me interested (for the most part). Plus i was able to get through it without using tutorials for the most part (i used them twice and got a saved game when i messed up on the shooting thing)which brings in BIG points in my book

I have a weak the amount of blood in this game kinda bothered me...but i don't count that against the game because it is a lot better than a lot of horror movies out there now.

The only thing that really disapointed me was the ending, even more than the ending itself i was disapointed by the whole last chapter. I mean i was totally into it upto the beginning of chapter 6...but it lost me there. This is all just my opinion though.
Posted by: ShadowSoldier6x6

Re: Black Mirror - 06/06/05 03:16 AM

i am currently enjoying this game very much.. though quite frustrating at tunes, i enjoy just about every part of it. the voices and the diolague occassionally seem lengthy, but i think it gives the overall effect of a hard journey. i, unfortunately, am very curious and like to do things in the game that often make me.. well, die. my only advice is nothing in this game is improbable. think hard enough, and regardless of the "imaginative" options, you'll find your way. just think about what would kill you in real life, and dont touch those things. hehe.
Posted by: raylinstephens

Re: Black Mirror - 06/06/05 07:31 PM

I really enjoyed this game too. I think it compared nicely to "Mystery of the Druids" in gameplay. Loved both Dark Fall games and TLJ as well. Anymore I laugh when I die and pray I have a saved game. rotfl
Posted by: Darleen03

Re: Black Mirror - 07/06/05 11:27 PM

HI thumbsup TAC
Posted by: Rushes

Re: Black Mirror - 07/10/05 04:53 PM

Black Mirror - without a doubt my all-time favourite. So atmospheric, with a great plot, and lots of heartstopping exciting bits - especially the "twist" at the end! I did tend to be a bit of a clumsy doofus, though. Got myself killed more times than is strictly advisable - "ooo, what happens if I touch this dangly electricity cable..?" *fffzzzzapppp!!*

Great fun!
Posted by: Robert

Re: Black Mirror - 07/10/05 05:01 PM

Hi Rushes ,

welcome to Gameboomers !!

I loved this game too . The detail and the sound effects really had me immersed in it .