Chaos a Fantasy Adventure

Posted by: colpet

Chaos a Fantasy Adventure - 12/14/03 06:11 AM

This game was brought to my attention by Bacardi-Jim, who knew I liked point and click first person games. I couldn't find a lot about it, and there were no reviews listed at Pagoda. So now that I've played it, I thought I would post a review here in case anyone wanted to check it out.
It is an older game, mine was version 1.0 1996. I played it on my Win95 and, for the most part, it was smooth sailing. I had a few crashes until I fiddled with the sound configuation set up (part of the game's menu), then it was smooth sailing.

You start off in your trailer. When you check your message machine, you find the collection agent on your doorstep. Luckily, there is also a message from your rich Uncle Prospero saying that he has a hankering to meet his only heir. The game is about your journey to meet him.

Your uncle has been busy with his spare time. He is fascinated by the Chaos Theory ( a mathematical discipline that lends itself to the explanation of natural phenomena). At the beginning you have access to your Uncle's notes explaining some of his experiments. Don't worry about being overcome with mathematical information, there is not enough detail here to make it an edutainment game. As you travel to his estate, many of the problems and challenges you face will reflect some aspect of how nature and chaos are connected.

The best part of this game is the humour and the manual is just as funny as the game. I haven't chuckled so much in a game since Zork Grand Inquisitor. You meet some stange characters along the way and each one is a parody of itself.
My favorites were Beth the Forest Ranger and the Gas Station Attendent. He had the best lines in the game.

The game is a slide show, with cursor arrows showing your movements. The cursor changes to a hand when there is something to do. There are cut scene FMVs with actors playing the charaters you meet. There is virtually no inventory, but the little that is there is always present on the screen. You can die, so be prepared. There is one 'maze' but you are provided with a map. Otherwise, the puzzles are innovative and fun.
This is a short game; it took me about 10 hours to finish it (with some hints). Despite that, I'm glad I hunted this game down. For the chuckles alone, it was worth it.
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Re: Chaos a Fantasy Adventure - 12/14/03 06:24 AM

I've never even heard of this game. It sounds quite intriguing. Thanks for the review. If it's as funny as Zork Grand Inquisitioner, it's well worth playing!
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Re: Chaos a Fantasy Adventure - 12/17/03 12:22 PM

Well I am sure glad you posted this review. I have this game and uhmm had forgotten about it. Never even installed it. It's been up on one of my shelves (in two different houses now) for about 6 years. eek

I am getting the duster, blowing off all the cob webs and loading it up this evening. Thanks!! smile