Labyrinth of Time

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Labyrinth of Time - 12/26/03 12:18 PM

This is another of my older games that I've finished. It is a DOS game from 1993, and I played it on my Win95 (I had to decrease the graphics hardware acceleration to 25%). I didn't have any audio, but this didn't make a difference to the game. It is a first person point and click game, and you click on the directional arrows to move.

You start off a regular day by going to work on the subway. As you get ready to enter the subway car, something strange happens and you are confronted by Daedalus. He tells you that you have been picked to save the living world from King Minos. To do this, you must traverse the Labyrinth and gather information about how to defeat the evil King.

This game is all about mazes, but its not as daunting as it seems. You have access to a map feature that lets you keep track of where you are.
The maze is on 3 levels, and is made up of individual areas. Throughout these areas are clues and inventory items waiting to be found. Some of these items are red herrings, and some are essential to progress in the game (i.e. keys to locked doors).There are some mechanical puzzles, a slider, and inventory puzzles.

The graphics are dated but colorful. There are usage icons (look, take, move open and close)and an inventory panel. The game plays off of the CD, and there are 9 save slots. As far as I could tell, you can't die in this game, though I did find one dead end in the game that I couldn't circumvent without using a previous save.

Because I enjoy mazes, I found this game to be a lot of fun. There was a lot of locations to explore including an old Western Town, a hotel, and a Cretan Palace. There is a fair amount of backtracking, but opening some doors will provide shortcuts. I needed help and was disappointed not to find this game at UHS hints, but I did find 2 WTs for it.

If you don't mind mazes, give this Labyrinth a try.
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Re: Labyrinth of Time - 12/27/03 03:25 PM

Game is definitely worth a look.
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Re: Labyrinth of Time - 12/28/03 02:35 AM

Nice review! I liked this game but I used a walkthrough unrepentedly. I can't find my way out of a paper bag laugh