[Sofia's Debt]

Posted by: mrkwang

[Sofia's Debt] - 02/05/04 10:15 AM

*** Official Background Story ***

It is a day like any other in the life of Ana, future single mother, on her eight month pregnancy.

Ana has a very busy life which she could not calm down in spite of her state. She would have never wanted to leave university, but the need was much stronger on the day she learned she would not only have to support herself and nobody else would be able to help her.

Ana became an orphan two years and a half ago when her father died. Her mother as well as her grandmother had killed themselves after they had their first child due to a rare schizophrenia. This makes her feel uneasy since she is pregnant now; but not too much, she has other things to worry about!


All I can say is 'Highly Recommendable'!

Graphic is too well done, few puzzles are very well made. The only few problems are like this.

- If you're not natural English user, you could have hard time with 1 important stuff in this game. (But you must do very carefully & fully.)

- This game is too short, so when you can expect something will start, it ends suddenly.

In spite of these things, this game is really good one. Very excellent atmosphere for the horror stuff, and I think this is a MUST-PLAY for every adventure gamers.

1 important thing. YOU MUST READ EVERY TEXT IN THIS GAME, EVEN IF IT'S HARD TO READ. Don't miss one of the sentence. And you could have few minutes of very scary time.

Posted by: Liz

Re: [Sofia's Debt] - 02/05/04 11:27 AM

Thanks for the great little review, mrkwang......i'm off to play it right now!!!! smile
Posted by: mrkwang

Re: [Sofia's Debt] - 02/06/04 10:13 AM

Dear Liz. You might clear it at now.

What do you feel w/ that game? smile
Posted by: Becky

Re: [Sofia's Debt] - 02/06/04 12:22 PM

Interesting. I don't recall another game in which the heroine is pregnant. Is this something new and radical in the world of gaming?
Posted by: tigger

Re: [Sofia's Debt] - 02/07/04 02:54 AM

question... did it end when you opened the door or did I miss something??


Tig wave
Posted by: MDAMLADY

Re: [Sofia's Debt] - 02/07/04 10:31 PM

No. Tigger you didn't miss a thing.
Short, but pretty good graphics for home-made.

Neat concept! thumbsup
Posted by: tigger

Re: [Sofia's Debt] - 02/08/04 04:17 AM

Mmm its one I would like expanded on, the premise behind the game is really spooky smile

Loved the artwork, grandmas painting was really good!