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Posted by: mrkwang

[Creature Crunch] - 02/10/04 12:01 PM

In fact, I'm not sure I'd call it "Adventure Game". This could be more "Interactive Animation", rather than any kind of game.

Our hero(I or you) got stuck in the house of Mad Scientist. He wants to get out of the mansion, but to do that, he must EAT THE ITEM & TRANSFORM to defeat them. And all the journey is w/ 'Brain' who's full of talk.

As I told you above, I'm not sure I'd call this as 'Game'. No move on each area, just click the Hot Spot(Item) & watch weird funny stuffs. When we click the item, they'll do something very unusual. So this could be almost animation itself, w/ some point & click.

But it's really funny, even if all of them are INSANE! Action of items are all insane, eating item & transformations are all insane, ending is all insane, THIS GAME IS TOTALLY FULL OF INSANE GAGS! It reminded me some of American TV animation, which has somewhat weird & wicked (and sometimes INSANE) things. So if you liked some of them, this could be worth to try.

The bad thing is... It doesn't have any English Subtitles as I've written, so non-native-English users could suffer sometimes. And above-the-half of Items(Hot Spot) must be clicked over twice, so sometimes we could get very annoyed. All puzzles are un-logical(I mean INSANE!), so if we lost the way at once, it could be too critical.

But this is really fun & good to go. Really worth to try, if you can handle it. Even if I can't recommend this high, I could recommend average.

Official Re-release Site (Well... It doesn't have lots of things to see, and in fact, 1 ebay seller has it w/ very cheap price for Jewel Release.) :
Posted by: Becky

Re: [Creature Crunch] - 02/21/04 08:25 AM

Thanks for the review of this unusual game -- it really gave me a sense of the gameplay and the wacky humor.

You can still purchase this game for $29.95 at Playing Games Interactive .
Posted by: mrkwang

Re: [Creature Crunch] - 02/23/04 06:42 AM

Well... 29.95$ could be somewhat high price for this one. Official site price somewhat lower.

And if you don't mind jewel case edition, some dealer of ebay has it, very low price. (Even if his shipping fee is very high.)