And Then There Were None

Posted by: PhantomJ

And Then There Were None - 11/09/05 01:22 PM

This was by far an outstanding mystery game, for adventure gamers of all types!

Characters: All the same characters of the book are present in this game, as well as a new 11th character, whom you play as, Patrick Narracott. All the characters start out in the town of Sticklehaven and then are shipped over to the famous "Shipwreck Island" after the bad weather, and a misfortunate event, Narracott is forced to spend the rest of the night with the guests. And, later you find that he is unable to leave the island. Then, the guests sit down for dinner, and you are left to investigate.

The Island: Shipwreck Island is massive. Complete with orchards and an apiary, and even a forgotten village, it is beautifully rich in color. Of course, in front of everything is the gorgeous mansion. Of course with every old, spooky, mansion comes many rooms to explore. And of course secret passage ways, and such.

Plot: Following the rhyme of the 10 little sailor boys, each guest is marked to die, at least told by their infamous host, "Mr. Owen".
At the end of the night only 9 are left, and the next day 8. Each murder follows the dastardly occurence of each sailor boy in the ryhme.

End: The culprit was quite a surprise, not who I really would expect! What I loved was that I could play multiple endings, save certain people, and let certain die, all up to you!

Pros: The game is rich in plot, color, in detail. Ever second keeps you on the edge of your seat! The music is also very wonderfully, mysterious, and adds a great touch!

Cons: I know on my computer which is Windows XP, that some of the ingame movies were in slow motion. The cause is unknown, although it really wasn't a horrible deal.

Overall: I thought this game was wonderful!

My final grade is a definate: A
Great Job AWE GAMES and TAC for making an excellent game! bravo
Posted by: Katsmom

Re: And Then There Were None - 12/11/05 09:31 PM

PhantomJ, I wish I could agree with your glowing review of this game... but I can't. My opinion of it is totally the opposite! frown I thought it was slow-moving, tedious, confusing, irritating, and at times -- downright boring. I had high expectations, and I felt very let down.

I suspected the person who turned out to be the culprit in the original Agatha Christie book (which I'd never read, but could now since it was included with my game). That ending made sense to me; the one in the game did not.

I suppose I'm getting cranky in my old age... but I did pay full price ($30.00) for this game. <img border="0" alt="[grinch]" title="" src="graemlins/grinch.gif" /> mad I'll think twice before I do that again.
Posted by: nickie

Re: And Then There Were None - 12/20/05 02:00 PM

Thanks for the fun review, PhantomJ! I thought this was one of the best games to come out for the year, and enjoyed that it allowed you to do different things away from the main path. One of those games that are what you make it - and for me, it was a fun ride!
Posted by: NJMysteryMan

Re: And Then There Were None - 12/31/05 09:06 PM

I have to agree, this game far surpassed what I expected! Being a huge Agatha Christie fan, with the novel "And Then There Were None," being my favorite of all time, I didn't think this game was going to live up to the hype. But I was wrong. I admit, I may be a bit biased, because I just enjoyed the sheer pleasure of being "in" the story so to speak, knowing the various characters, etc. This was also one of the first mystery games I've played in awhile where you felt like you were actually investigating. There was plenty of dialogue, and the acting and cut scenes were great. And I even enjoyed the twist at the end. All in all, I was impressed and if this is how the games are going to be made, I can't wait to see what other "Agatha Christie" games come along in the future!
Posted by: Darlene

Re: And Then There Were None - 01/17/06 04:13 PM

Just finished this game yesterday and have to say...I've played worse and I've played better. I, too, got the book along with the game, and the ending in her book makes far better sense than did the ending in the game. I have never been a big Christie fan, however this game, and the book along with it, has piqued my interest in reading her.
Posted by: Melanie1

Re: And Then There Were None - 01/19/06 04:09 AM

I'm just past the halfway point in this game and enjoying it also Phantom. The graphics are beautiful and the story has kept me interested throughout. I really like the puzzles and find them a treat. I found them difficult enough to keep the interest going and make you use the old noggin but easy enough to solve without a walkthrough. Just the way I like them. I agree with NJmysteryman that it's one of the most fun of the investigative type mystery games to come out this year. I'll play the second in the series gladly.

The effects and graphics are demanding though. I found that I had to turn the anti-aliasing off for maximum enjoyment, something I rarely have to do, so those with low end computers may have difficulty though.

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