Tears of Betrayal

Posted by: chrissie

Tears of Betrayal - 03/08/06 06:04 PM

This is an 'Old Skool' adventure produced by independant developers Dirk Schippers(aka Scippie)& team. As they are based in Belgium the price of the game (reasonable for most European coutries!)is very high for other parts of the world. So, is it worth those extra dollars? lol but I ended up having to go back to earlier saves! A more positive aspect of the game is that you move almost seamlessly from one screen to the next - there are few places which require 'loading time'.

OVERALL: This is a well thought out and beautifully crafted game (apart from a few very minor glitches) - you do need to play this to it's full potential to really appreciate this. It includes many subtleties if you care to observe but even on the surface of it it succeeds brilliantly at combining (what appears to be) a heart-wrenching story with (at the very least) elements of dark humour, puerility and just sheer adolescent 'naughtiness'! (SLIGHT SPOILER: with that in mind you could possibly guess a seemingly 'random number'!)

I am not familiar with 'Old Skool' adventures so I don't know how this compares. What I do know is that this was a lot of fun and very addictive - well worth buying! - and I can't wait to see what 'Scippie' comes up with next!

GENERAL INFO I played this on WinXP SP2 Home Editon. CPU: 3GHZ. RAM:1024MB. Hard Drive:160GB. Graphics: 128MB ATI Radeon X3000SE. CD Rom: 16x. I didn't experience any problems apart from one or two occasions when loading or exiting the game, I am confident that this was to do with my system and not the game.
For info about specs and the game visit www.tears-of-betrayal.com/

thanks for looking!
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Re: Tears of Betrayal - 03/08/06 07:05 PM

Great review Chrissie. thumbsup Thank you.

Ana wave
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Re: Tears of Betrayal - 03/09/06 07:40 AM

Thanks Crissie---I have downloaded the demo but not had a lot of time to play with it yet---
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Re: Tears of Betrayal - 03/09/06 07:42 AM

Thanks for a very enjoyable review chrissie! I know that a lot of GameBoomers are very curious about this new game. A timely review indeed!
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Re: Tears of Betrayal - 03/09/06 10:29 AM

Hi Chrissy,

Thank you very much for this nice review! I didn't know you were going to make one so I was very pleasantly surprised to see this one come up!

Even more surprised was I when I found out that you point out exactly the things I wanted people to experience in the game! And yes, you're right, you do need to fully get into this game to experience it. Trying it out for 5 minutes won't tell you what it's all about.

But you said everything and I love it that this is finally someone elses opinion and not mine or my friends!

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Re: Tears of Betrayal - 03/09/06 10:17 PM

Great Review, Chrissie. thumbsup

22 "easter eggs"? I'm not sure what that means. duh Can we get a clue from Scippie? Might be worth playing again to find those and also to see whether you can complete the game with the LEAST points. evil
Posted by: chrissie

Re: Tears of Betrayal - 03/10/06 02:11 PM

rotfl Dookie! I know there is/or was a very good description of 'easter eggs' somewhere on this site - or was I imagining it? But I think maybe worth starting a thread over on hints!
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Re: Tears of Betrayal - 03/10/06 04:42 PM

There are 22 easter-eggs, but they're not all big animations and things like that.
If you have the top-score, you should have found a lot of them.

Easter eggs are what they are called. People (mostly parents) hide them so others (mosty their children) can find them and have fun with them (eat them).

So, we've hidden 22 of those "funnies", and you can find them if you try the stupidest things smile . You are not "told" that you found an easter egg, that's maybe something we should do in our next games. But if you laugh for what happens, you probably found an easter-egg.
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Re: Tears of Betrayal - 03/10/06 06:41 PM

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<strong> thumbsup

Ana wave
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Re: Tears of Betrayal - 03/10/06 06:52 PM


Boomer Reviews forum is an info forum that gets read. Some members do not post but do check the postings. Take a look at the number of hits for each of the threads. The reviews are posted-linked on the GameBoomers Homepage also.

Thanks for posting a review. It is appreciated.
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Re: Tears of Betrayal - 03/10/06 08:52 PM

Is someone criticizing my housekeeping skills??? laugh Don't you know that dust is healthy?
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Re: Tears of Betrayal - 03/11/06 02:20 AM

oops I didn't intend my comment to be taken seriously! - but there was no active topic at the time and it was a lighthearted reference to this. No criticism intended! and I have enjoyed browsing through some of the reviews myself! smile
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Re: Tears of Betrayal - 03/11/06 07:24 AM

lol chrissie -- I was joking around too. It does sometimes get quiet in here for awhile -- and then we'll have a period of time with a lot of action.

There is a huge database here with hundreds of reviews, built up over several years. I'm glad you've discovered it and that you're participating!