The White Chamber- A Review

Posted by: Bonnie

The White Chamber- A Review - 07/03/06 05:50 PM

I decided to do a review on this little game because when I get a chance I'm going to turn it over to the next person- and decided a review was good for people to use as a reference to see if they would like it-

The Premise

The White chamber is a simple but- well- enigmatic little title for a game in which you know pretty much nothing when you start- except your name- Sarah. The idea of the game is to figure out A- where you are and B what happened to you and to everybody else- it leads you through some interesting twists to get there however- and the game has multiple endings- so you have to watch your step-

The interface-

The game is 3rd person point and click and its animated- kinda has the look of Japanese anime or Japanimation if you can visualize that- inventory is also point and click - and you can save whenever you feel the need- and I would advise saving often- I'm not sure how many save slots there are- I only used 3 but there are at least 6 that I can see-

Additional info- this game is not for the faint of heart- there's a fair bit of gore- no violence- and no action or arcade sequences- but a neat little twist in the end- I thought-

In any case- its a great little game for an in between game- a nice - albeit gory- short stint into gaming between longer games-

I played this game on my Emachine with 512 mgb RAM an Onboard geforce mx 6100 video card- onboard soundblaster compatible sound and SVGA compatible monitor- with XP home- It might not need all this - it doesn't seem to be to hardware or software intensive-

Anyway- On a scale of 1-10 10 being best- i'd give it an 8.5- only because I personally like my games a little longer- but its good for what it is-
Posted by: Becky

Re: The White Chamber- A Review - 07/04/06 12:50 AM

Hey Bonnie -- thanks for the review! It sounds intriguing. Are all the challenges inventory-based?
Posted by: Bonnie

Re: The White Chamber- A Review - 07/04/06 07:18 AM

Not all - some involve inputting colors into a computer- and one involves a display console- but most are inventory based-
Posted by: Becky

Re: The White Chamber- A Review - 07/04/06 08:28 PM

Thanks Bonnie!