Al Emmo - a simple overview

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Al Emmo - a simple overview - 09/30/06 02:03 PM

I have just finished the game and have loved every minute! Why?

IMO it's got an excellent & very humorous story, with a beginning, middle & end! (with scope for a sequel, so hope it does well!)

Another of the strengths of this game, I thought, was that there were many strong, memorable & distinctive characters.The promotion of each was aided through the use of large 'in-game portraits' plus excellent lip synching when interacting with them. This feature was particularly helpful in contributing to this as, although the game consisted of many beautifully hand-painted scenes the characters lacked detail.

The puzzles, for the most part, were inventory based, on the surface bizarre, but in the context of the game very logical and not too difficult to work out, but you do have to be prepared to click on everything! Later on there is a slider puzzle followed by a succession of timed sequences - too many I thought and I found myself resorting to a walkthrough as it was an unexpected aspect of the game - they weren't too difficult and no worse than anything that turns up in a Nancy Drew!!

I loved the humour of the game, there was some sexual innuendo & there was one scene where this was more 'graphic' - I was shocked! more because it was the last thing I expected in an AG, but I did find the scene funny. There was another scene featuring a parody of a well known actress where I thought the innuendos were a little tired & worn!!

There is a very annoying narrator, some of his comments were funny but I thought the interaction between Al & him contributed to getting to know Al better.

But overall, I started playing the game thinking 'oh no - I can't stand the voice' only to go on and see Al's character develop, sympathise with him and end up completely rooting for him.

This is a wonderful game, I totally recommend it and it will definitely be in my top games in Flotsam's next twisty list!!!!

EDIT: A couple of things I had in mind but forgot to mention earlier: A lot of the chapters are concluded with a sequence of 'comic type' pictures - personally I would have preferred cut scenes. The other was that if you like the first two Discworlds, Tony Tough & similar games you would probably like this one!

NB I have left a lot out - you will find these in a very detailed and accurate review by Becky in Gameboomers reviews
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Re: Al Emmo - a simple overview - 09/30/06 02:41 PM

Thanks for that enticing review. thumbsup
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Re: Al Emmo - a simple overview - 09/30/06 03:02 PM

Three Thumps Up also for this Game thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

The Character Al was made to look & act like Woody Allen.....I Just loved this game.
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Re: Al Emmo - a simple overview - 09/30/06 09:08 PM

Thanks, Chrissie wave

We love hearing what everyone thought about the games. I thought this game was a hoot to play.

I love the graphic style transitions. I liked the narrarator at first, but did get tired of him eventually. He totally brought to mind a game show announcer, which, I think is what the intention was.

My favorite thing though was the wombat laugh
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Re: Al Emmo - a simple overview - 09/30/06 10:42 PM

Thanks chrissie -- an excellent review! It's great to learn how much you enjoyed the game and why. thumbsup
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Re: Al Emmo - a simple overview - 10/02/06 10:45 AM

Hi chrissie smile

Thanks for your review - some good info there happydance


Mad wave
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Re: Al Emmo - a simple overview - 10/11/06 11:52 AM

Hi smile

Having now played probably two thirds of this game I can definitely SHOUT OUT that this is a MUST for gamers who enjoyed those old school adventures thumbsup

It's a peach of a game !!

Plus no problems installing or running and a very simple interface.

[How refreshing is that ?? wink ]

Hope there are going to be more games in this style from these developers praise


Mad wave
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Re: Al Emmo - a simple overview - 10/11/06 12:00 PM

It is a lot of fun, isn't it.

Have you interacted with the wombat yet?
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Re: Al Emmo - a simple overview - 10/11/06 02:23 PM

Yet another game that I want to get. Will have to count my pennies. I want them all. wave
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Re: Al Emmo - a simple overview - 10/11/06 02:30 PM

Doreen, I have the same problem lol
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Re: Al Emmo - a simple overview - 10/11/06 10:50 PM

Hi smile

Oooooh !! My budget is absolutely shot for this month AND next eek

But now I'm getting old I don't worry as much.
I just put it all down to "senior moments" and then go on bread an' water for a bit happydance


Mad wave