Contradiction - The All Video Murder Mystery

Posted by: GuybrushThreepwood

Contradiction - The All Video Murder Mystery - 09/25/17 11:30 PM

Apparently this was a Kickstarter project. I got it on Steam.

I got it because it features Paul Darrow (Avon on Blakes 7 and voice actor in Star Wars: The Old Republic) as one of the suspects.

A young woman has drowned. Was her death a suicide or a murder? As Inspector Jenks you've been given a matter of hours to find out.

All the characters are played by real people. Its more of an interactive movie than an adventure game.

There aren't any puzzles although a few locked doors. There are few items to find. Everything you find, objects, information will show up in your dialogue list although not every object is actually worth talking about, for example you wont ask anyone about the small silver key, you;ll just have to figure out what it unlocks on your own. There are no gear icons or anything pointing you where to use objects you just access an item like said key in inventory and attempt to use it, if your standing in the right place you will use it.

The game mostly consists of talking to characters and when they give you new subjects to talk about going on and asking other characters about them. Several time during the game you'll look at summaries of what was said looking for contradictions. When you find them you'll question the suspect involved to gain more information, more questions to ask others. Of course not everybody knows something about every subject.

At various points a clock will chime, an hour has passed, you're running out of time Shortly after midnight you will have to solve the case.

Although the case is closed there are some questions left unanswered, leaving room for s sequel,
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Re: Contradiction - The All Video Murder Mystery - 09/27/17 06:27 PM

Thanks, Guybrush.

I remember playing something very similar years and years ago, but I didn't have enough time to solve any of the cases. Were you able to solve the case?
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Re: Contradiction - The All Video Murder Mystery - 09/28/17 06:15 PM

Yeah. The last conversation leads to an arrest.
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Re: Contradiction - The All Video Murder Mystery - 10/19/17 12:25 PM

Thanks GuybrushThreepwood for your impressions. I found it to be an intriguing investigative mystery, loved the FMV aspect & yes, I'd like to see a sequel as there seems to be more mystery to unravel.