GameBoomers Talks to Rodrigo Castillo about Fenimore Fillmore’s Revenge

By flotsam


It’s been about four years since we last met Fenimore, so what has he been up to?

He has been around, here and there, you know, rumbling and tumbling across the Wild West.


He’s still with Rhiannon I see. No sign of a wedding anytime soon?

Yes, they are inseparable. No formalities needed, but one never knows.


What are some of the things that fans of the previous games will recognise in this game?

The sense of humour and also the way to solve puzzles; sometimes a bit strange, to say the least.


I have to ask – do we still have rhyming sarsaparilla duels? Or carrot management?

Not at all. No way.


You have said the script is in authentic Spaghetti Western style. For those who didn’t grow up with that genre, what are some of its characteristics?

The Spaghetti Western films included plots that were as simple as can be, no words spoken when unnecessary -- just revenge and shooting.


I see too that you play as Fenimore and Rhiannon. Do players get to choose as they play through the game, or do certain parts of the game have you playing as one or the other?

No, you can´t choose. The plot does it for you, making it necessary to play sometimes as Rhiannon, sometimes as Fenimore.


Do they have to work together at any time?

No, because they are separated by the evil bandits that assault them at the very beginning.


I confess I like the new look of the characters, especially Fenimore. How were they created?

We have marvellous graphic artists, and Fenimore was needing a new look.


There were some action sequences in the last game. Have we got any here – maybe a shootout or a barroom brawl?

Yes, in this “rough revenge” it has been absolutely necessary to include some shooting.


Do we have any of the same voices used in the previous game?

No. Different publisher, different casting I guess.


The Wild West was a big place, so does Fenimore travel far and wide to gain his revenge?

Yes, he does ride a little bit, but no carrots involved!


About how long do you think the game will take to play?

I can´t tell you. I know the game perfectly. Perhaps, for a real hard player, it would take just a few hours. For a rookie, it will probably take more than a couple of days.


Are there plans for the release of an English language version in the U.S. or U.K. in the near future?

We must admit that we ask this same question of our publisher. But we hope so yes, and soon.


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