Q & A with Knut Müller of RHEM 3


Q:      What is the story behind RHEM 3?

Knut Müller:      In RHEM 3, the gamer will again help Kales and Zetais to uncover the secrets of a new part of the world of RHEM. At the end of RHEM 2, the player brought home a photo of a disk, a cave artifact. Since then, Zetais was able to decipher the drawing on the disk. He contacted the player, gave the player the solution for the disc, and now it's time to return.

In RHEM 3, the player and Kales together will be able to apply the new solution. The entry door opens and the journey begins.

Q:      Are the settings all above ground or a mixture of underground and above ground?

Knut Müller:       The environment of RHEM 3 is a combination of the two. The player will find some caves and tunnels beneath the earth, but also sunny valleys, lakes, trees, grass and many mysterious buildings, vehicles and devices. RHEM 3 is a more pleasant location than the dark and weird world of RHEM 2.



Q:     What is the player's objective in RHEM 3?

Knut Müller:       Kales mentions an important relic in RHEM 3, a black crystal. But at first the player has to find ten green crystals which are hidden in RHEM. At certain points in RHEM 3, the player will find special keyholes but no key. And there is an inactive bridge, which normally connects RHEM 3 with a location in RHEM 2. The answers to these mysteries will be discovered in RHEM 4.


Q:     Are the aliens going to appear more often?

Knut Müller:      Yes, the player will encounter another "girl in red." She will help after the player does a favor for her. It seems that these aliens are cave-dwellers. (We will meet this "girl in red" again in RHEM 4.) The player will also encounter the keeper of the black crystal, Meneandes.


Q:     Are there clues to discover about the aliens' involvement in the world of RHEM? 

Knut Müller:      Yes, the clues are all connected to the natural structure and layout of RHEM. The best way to unravel the secrets is to collect clues. Then the player can see, in an overview, the similarities and relationships. And finally the player uncovers the puzzles which are connected to these similarities and relationships.


Q:     Will we find out the reason that there are no other people around? Will we learn about the past -- discover what happened to RHEM?

Knut Müller:     The true story will be uncovered in RHEM 4.


Q:     Are the puzzles in RHEM 3 similar to those in RHEM 1 and 2?

Knut Müller:     Yes and no. The principles are the same in RHEM 1-3, a logical structure, implementation into the world, far-scattered clues. But the puzzles in RHEM 3 are unique and new. We will find in RHEM 3 some organic puzzles, a library with hundreds of hints and (I think) some RHEM-flavored "not seeing the forest for the trees" type of puzzles.


Q:     How is the game progressing - when will it release?

Knut Müller:     I finished RHEM 3 in late fall of 2007. It will release in North America in February 2008 via Got Game Entertainment.


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