An Interview with the Character of Kelly Bradford from the Delaware St. John Series

by Becky Waxman


Today GameBoomers is conducting a rather unusual interview with Ms. Kelly Bradford.  We will slip through the Twilight Zone and materialize in the world of Delaware St. John and the Seacliff Tragedy.  Here Ms. Bradford is the owner of Bradford Books -- and she also is a talented investigator of paranormal activity.

GameBoomers:   Hello, Ms. Bradford!  May I call you Kelly?  I've followed your adventures for the past couple of years and I feel as though I know you.

Kelly:   Thanks for having me, Becky! We’re all excited that GameBoomers is spotlighting us. Especially Simon, he’s a huge gamer.


GameBoomers:   Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?  How did you first become interested in the paranormal, for instance?

Kelly:   Well, ever since I was a little girl I’ve always been interested in the “weirder” side of things. I am a bit of a “nerd,” but I consider that similar to being called an “intellectual.” Shows on TV or documentaries on ghosts always fascinated me. In fact, I’ve been subscribing to Ghost! Magazine since I was 14 years old! My father was a ghost hunter, so I would go along with him on paranormal investigations and help him take readings or search potentially haunted locations. During the very first ghost hunting expedition he took me on, we found strong EMF activity which initially made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, but at the same time it was exhilarating. After that, I was hooked!


GameBoomers:   How would you convince someone who has never seen a ghost that such entities do exist?  And how do you manage to research something that is so intangible?

Kelly:   Skeptics are very hard to convince. I can offer up EMF readings and orb pictures to any skeptic, but the only way they’ll ever believe it is if they experience it themselves. They have to be open to the idea that ghosts exist; otherwise they’ll dismiss any evidence as bogus. I’m a strong believer in the saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” And I’ve seen it.


GameBoomers:   I understand that your research has taken on a new life since you have begun to partner with Delaware St. John.  What did you think of Delaware the first time you met him?  Has your opinion changed since then? 

Kelly:   Delaware is a big pain in my side at times! (laugh) But, he’s got a gift and that’s something I can’t deny. Sure, he can be stubborn and he RARELY ever shows up on time, but he has something that can really be beneficial to the supernatural world. His ability to communicate with spirits has enhanced my research and findings tenfold. His gift has definitely been a catalyst in solving our cases. When I first met Delaware I could tell he had been through a lot as a child. So I knew it would be quite a task to get him to open up and eventually team up with me. We have a give and take relationship. Mostly I give and he takes (laugh), but all joking aside, we make a great team and respect one another.


GameBoomers:  What is Delaware's most annoying quality?  His most admirable quality?  If you could change something about him, what would it be?

Kelly:   Delaware’s most annoying quality? Oh, boy, how long do you have? I would say THE most annoying trait is his tardiness. I swear I’ve bought him about a dozen watches since I first met him and the guy can’t show up anywhere on time. If I have to say something admirable about Delaware, it’s that he’s loyal and strong. A lot of his visions would drive any normal person crazy. Great inner strength is very important and required to deal with the things we’ve seen and experienced. And, I hate to admit it, but he’s gotten me out of some jams, so I know I can count on him.


GameBoomers:   Does the job of paranormal investigator require a lot of physical courage?  Have you ever felt frightened while on the job?  Do strange things happen more often when you are with Delaware than when you are alone?

Kelly:   At first, ghost hunting was pretty frightening. I must admit, the first time I went on a case with my dad, I was scared straight! Nowadays, we’re more accustomed to encountering new entities that are sometimes “unfriendly.” After visiting Seacliff Amusement on our last case, I realized that possessed clowns CAN be really terrifying! After a while you get used to little things like EMF bumps and orb sightings. In the end, it’s a job… but a very exciting one! You just have to deal with what “comes across your desk” so to speak and accept its hazards.

Does Delaware bring out the spooks? Definitely! There does seem to be more paranormal activity when he’s around, though he sees a lot more than I do due to his gift. 



GameBoomers:   Do you have any explanations for your partner's extraordinary psychic powers?  Have you tried to find out more about his past?  

Kelly:   Simon and I have been hard at work trying to uncover Delaware’s past. We sometimes get leads that end up as dead ends (pardon the pun). Delaware’s gift is extraordinary. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to really fully understand it, but with each case a piece of the puzzle is revealed.


GameBoomers:   In your opinion, which is the more valuable tool: psychic vision/ ability or the latest technological gadgetry?  If you had to choose one over the other during a typical case, which would it be and why?

Kelly:   This is a tough question to answer because I strongly believe in the science behind my research. Fact is fact. However, based on my ghost hunting experience, I think they’re both pretty important. Of course, you could still investigate if you only had one tool, but it would be more difficult to get a complete view of the real story behind paranormal activity. I think, if I had a choice, I would choose psychic vision. True, it may be harder to prove because there would be little physical evidence, but in my mind I would know that the power exists. But I have to admit, the thought of losing my trusty gadgets is pretty terrifying. They’re like my babies!


GameBoomers:   I understand that you encountered "Shadow People" in your latest investigation.  Can you describe them?  Can you give us any hints as to why these beings might be haunting an abandoned amusement park?

Kelly:   Not much is actually known about Shadow People other than they’re not actually people, but demons that feed off human energy. They’re difficult to eradicate and if you get too close they can really drain you… literally!


GameBoomers:   I'm curious about the new member of your team -- Simon Foss.  He seems intelligent and knowledgeable, but his background is rather mysterious.  Why did he leave Britain for the U.S., and how did you convince him to become a member of your investigatory team? 

Kelly:   Simon and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. He was actually back home in Britain when Delaware and I met. Lucky for me, Simon came back to the U.S. to witness Delaware’s talents first hand. Simon totally didn’t believe me when I told him about Delaware during our online chats! Let’s just say that I didn’t need to twist Simon’s arm to join the team. We both share the same fascination for ghost hunting. Ever since Simon met Delaware, he’s been captivated by Delaware’s gift and unraveling the mystery behind it. He knows a lot more about Delaware than I do.


GameBoomers:   Simon believes that the paranormal activity the team is encountering has something to do with three ancient mythic entities.  And he's convinced that there's more to Delaware's role than our reluctant hero would like to admit.  From Delaware's (sometimes) sarcastic comments, I get the impression that he doesn't think that Simon is necessarily right about this.   How do you handle this kind of conflict among team members?

Kelly:   Delaware is a skeptical person by nature. I can’t really blame him since he pretty much grew up without anyone he could depend on. You have to understand that he’s been through a lot, so it takes a lot to get on his good side. Believe me. Simon understands this as well. Delaware can be a bit of a smart mouth, but Simon takes it all in stride. Deep down, Delaware trusts Simon because I trust Simon. It’s classic Delaware to give Simon a hard time. Overall, Simon is pretty laid back, so not much gets to him.


GameBoomers:   As an entrepreneur, an intrepid solver of mysteries, and a woman, what is the source of your persistence and can-do attitude? 

Kelly:   I believe that every mystery has an explanation and I love the challenge of uncovering the secrets behind the mystery. I admit that since meeting Delaware, I’ve experienced incredible events on a larger scale than I had ever imagined. The source of my persistence is engrained in who I am. I’m proud to say that my drive is one of the great characteristics I inherited from my father. The exhilaration and feeling of accomplishment when you solve a case continues to motivate me. I also think that being a woman has helped my research. Women can bring a different perspective to events that are yet unexplained. Yes, women are considered the emotional ones of our species, but sometimes being in touch with your emotions can help crack a case… that and my precious ghost hunting gadgets! (laugh)



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