Heroes of ANACONDA


Brian Basco

Runaway 2

Height: 1,80m (6 feet tall)

Weight: 150 pounds

National origin: US

Occupation: Ex-physics-student

Heroic attribute: Love for Gina

Special skills: MacGyver-style improvisation

Arch Nemesis (the game’s worst villain): The Mafia

Sidekicks: Gina, Sushi

Favorite mode of transportation: Trashy old planes

Favorite saying: “Let’s have a second look here.”

What he would say upon meeting a 35-foot anaconda snake: “I’m a town-kid. I hate the country-side.”

  Oliver Lavisheart

80 Days

Height: 1,80m (6 feet tall)

Weight: 150 pounds

National origin: British

Occupation: Son on the run

Heroic attribute: Speed

Special skills: Playing a cross-dresser

Arch Nemesis (the game's worst villain): Fix

Sidekick: Baltimore

Favorite mode of transportation: Flying Carpet

Favorite saying: “You can’t be serious about that.”

What he would say upon meeting a 35-foot anaconda snake: “I need a frightening snake for the cow at the Bombay temple. Not a big one.”

  Tony Tough

Tony Tough 2: A Rake’s Progress

Height: 1,60m (5 feet, 4 inches tall)

Weight: 88 pounds

National origin: US

Occupation: Pupil, amateur-investigator

Heroic attribute: Sarcasm

Special skills: Witty answers in any situation

Arch Nemesis (the game's worst villain): All kinds of aliens

Sidekick: Pantagruel

Favorite mode of transportation: Running

Favorite saying: “By all the flying saucers…”

What he would say upon meeting a 35-foot anaconda snake: “I always thought the use of nuclear energy was a bad idea.”


The above Character Profiles for the heroes of Runaway 2, 80 Days and Tony Tough 2 were provided to GameBoomers by Christopher Kellner, who has long been an advocate for the adventure genre.  Chris is the International Public Relations Manager for the German games publisher, dtp entertainment AG.

Recently, Chris talked to GameBoomers about the formation of the ANACONDA label, under which Runaway 2, 80 Days and Tony Tough 2 will soon be published.   We also asked him to describe why ANACONDA selected these three particular games from among the many games vying for publication every year.

Christopher Kellner Talks about ANACONDA:

After the great adventure successes of the past three years we decided that it was time to create a new "home" for all the high quality adventures that we will publish in the future. We wanted to create a new label, something players all over the world would understand and recognize. I'm talking about "all over the world", because most of our future games will be published worldwide by us. That means that we will be the actual publisher, and we will give the license to put the game on the market to a local publisher. To keep the players' focus on what we are doing, the new label will be on any adventure (and, in the future RPG as well) we publish. We picked ANACONDA from a bunch of ideas, because it's a simple, but intriguing name - it represents something fascinating, something wild and, well - something that is "adventure-style".

These are the key features of ANACONDA:

  • - Players can be sure that they get a game from the highest ranks of adventures in the world. There will be no low-budget games in the lineup, just the noblest that developers have to offer around the globe. Players can rely on that and even buy blindly any new ANACONDA-game, the way some folks go into any Bill Murray-movie, because "it can't be bad". This feature will be ensured by our title choice.

  • - The packaging as well as the manual will be first-class.

  • - The voice-over in all countries will be excellent. In the German-speaking countries, where dtp will direct the voice-over directly, players can be sure to listen to professional voice actors and well-known "Hollywood-voices". In all other territories, dtp will make sure the local publisher offers the best localisation possible.


These are the basic facts about ANACONDA. Here's why we picked the three following games for the new label:

  • - 80 Days: We know Frogwares from the cooperation on Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silver Earring, and we know that they belong to the top level of the world's adventure developers. But 80 Days is certainly more than another good adventure - it is a promising experiment, a new approach to the genre. Combined with its very high quality, it was a clear decision to let this game be the first ANACONDA game. However, we have signed 80 Days only for the German-speaking countries.

  • - Therefore players in other countries have to wait for another game to see the ANACONDA sign for the first time on a Cover: Tony Tough 2. Just as with Frogwares, we cooperated with Prograph for their first adventure, Tony Tough and the Night of Roasted Moths, which turned out to sell surprisingly well in the German-speaking countries. We decided to finance a sequel and we are quite satisfied with what Prograph and the two game authors Valeria Massari and Stefano Gualeni created. Tony Tough 2 also combines everything an ANACONDA-game needs: Fine graphics, well-functioning gameplay design, great atmosphere and witty dialogues.

  • - The third title to be published under the sign of ANACONDA will be the long awaited Runaway 2. The first part was highly celebrated by both press and players; it got numerous awards and is one of the best adventures made ever. It's definitely clear that the developers will try to top this and create an "Über"-adventure with Runaway 2, and the game is a clear choice for ANACONDA.

    I can also tell you that we are about to sign five further adventures, of which some will be published worldwide. So keep an eye on our news, keep an eye on the official ANACONDA-website (www.anaconda-games.com) and you won't miss anything. We hope to satisfy and bring enjoyment to more and more players worldwide.   I'm always happy if we get feedback from other countries, maybe even hints on which publisher to choose there as a partner, etc. So if anyone feels like helping us, write me: c.kellner@dtp-ag.com

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