Genre:  Interactive comic   

Developer & Publisher:   Gamechuck             

Released:   May 2017             



All You Can Eat

By oldmariner

All You Can Eat

Developer:  GAMECHUCK

System Requirements PC minimal

This version of All You Can Eat is a pre-release provided by the game developer for this review. I did not see a release date posted on the games website. Gamechuck is requesting players greenlight the game at Steam. For more information you can go to . According to the developer It's an interactive comic which means that every player interaction in the game world (talking, picking up items, using objects, etc.) creates a new comic panel, furthering the story. Also, when you reach the end, the game gives you the option to print it out like a real comic. The game is a light-hearted comedy with dry and slightly weird humor inspired by daily comics such as Dilbert or Calvin & Hobbes. The story follows the protagonist who has been living inside a 24/7 diner for the last ten years, off of a single "All You Can Eat" coupon. Now, the diner is about to close for good and our hero is going to end up on the street unless he finds a way to keep the diner open. The entire game can be finished in under an hour. 

At the outset I had several questions, first of all what is an interactive comic? Is it like Lifestream or Shady Brook, it is it point and click in the Adventure game style? What are the requirements and how does it play? There are no minimums posted on the web site of the developers, which raised my curiosity. The only way to find out is to dig in. I mean after all, it only takes an hour to play.

I quickly discovered the requirements are in fact minimal, you dont even have to install the game. It is contained in a self executing file occupying a small footprint on your hard drive taking up only 220 MB. It is unlike Lifestream and Shady Brook, being far less detailed, presenting a flat black and white game world resembling the comic strip you find in a newspaper. This is the way the game renders when loaded on your screen. The scenes are displayed in black and white without any voice acting. There are subtle background sounds matching the scene you are viewing. It is a unique concept to say the least. When you resolve the required interaction on the panel you are playing, the game slides right to the next panel as you progress through the game. That is the concept. So how does it play and what is the story? 

The story is a stretch at best. It follows the protagonist, who has been living inside a 24/7 diner for the last ten years, off of a single "All You Can Eat" coupon. Now, the diner is about to close for good and our hero is going to end up on the street unless he finds a way to keep the diner open. That is your task, find a way to save the diner or you will become homeless and will have to buy your own food.

The game is fully point and click. Speech is accomplished through talk bubbles showing as they do in comic strips. You are not required to remain in the same scene until you accomplish all you need to do or ask all the required questions. You are free to wander. There are several locations you can visit. The mouse cycles through several icons allowing you to look and use your inventory, which is visible along the bottom of the scene. In options the icons are described and easily applied using the mouse. All You Can Eat ran smoothly without any issues. And yes it is an adventure game. Puzzles were along the idea of what do I do next. I would guess many may complete this in an hour or less, but dont be surprised if it takes a lot longer. 

On the loading screen you are offered the following choices, Continue, New Game, How To Play, Options and quit. You can access this screen by using the escape key on your keyboard during game play. Controls are found under Options. You have the choices to adjust volume, mute the sounds, select windowed mode or color blind mode. I have no idea what the latter is supposed to do. Checking the box or cancelling the check box made no visible changes in the game. There are no manual saves. The game keeps track of your progress, loading up where you left off when selecting continue. 

I saw no announcement of projected costs for this game when released. But it is a cute brain teaser of a game even if the plot is a stretch. Supposedly the all you can eat ticket is good only until you leave the diner, but yet you can visit several other locations and return without penalty. It is a fun little point and click game taking minimal space on your PC. The difficulty will vary depending on your ability to figure out how to solve this problem of how to keep the diner open.


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