Genre:    Adventure 

Developer:   Kitty Horrorshow

Publisher:    Kitty Horrorshow       

Released:  February 2016              

Requirements (minimum):

  • OS: available for Windows, Mac, and Linux 
  • System requirements appear to be very low, but specific requirements could not be found



By flotsam



Kitty Horrorshow

If you like the kind of creepy that burrows under your skin and grates against your bones, this will be the best $2.99 you ever spend.

It is a tale of a house, or rather every house, and as the website says “every house is haunted”. Not because of anything in particular, but because of the possibility of any of those things.

I can’t tell you much without, to some extent, spoiling a uniquely unsettling experience. So I will try and tell you just enough to pique your interest.

The strength is in the telling of the tale, one that draws an analogy between a house and a human body. It is told through cassette tapes that you find and then play, and is “seen” via a video tape that is loaded at the very start. In one sense you are watching what is happening, but you are obviously a participant. You certainly aren’t in control though.

It is graphically lo-fi, but it matters not at all. It starts mundanely; walk around, try and open locked doors, eventually find a tape and insert it in a cassette player and listen. Then get a prompt as to the next tape, discover a now unlocked door, retrieve the tape and repeat. Mundane as I said.

Except that it is dark, and the analogy about the human body talks of basements being like the places we bury those things we don’t want to recall, and then we have to go down there, and it is very dark, and you stick to the walls because its more comforting that way.

And so you go on, and then it ends, 10 minutes or so after it started. You find yourself back at the desktop. Is that it, you think? Did something go wrong? So you start it up again.

And things have changed. And the creep factor goes up.

Then it ends again and you do it again, despite the fact that you remember shouting “don’t go in there” at all those stupid people in those would-be horror films and wondering why they always do.

And eventually you get to what is probably the end, but you can’t be sure, so you wait. Eventually you exit, and ponder how something so minimalist in many respects can be so wonderfully, suggestively, atmospheric.

More mundanely (once again), you don’t save, but you don’t need to. Being thrown back to the desktop ostensibly does that, and it only takes 10 minutes or so for that to happen each time. You use the W key to move forward, steering with the mouse, and left click to pick up the tapes.

I didn’t know of Kitty until this. I will make it my business to know her a lot more.

I played on:

OS: Windows 10, 64 Bit

Processor: Intel i7-6700 4GHz


Video card: AMD Radeon RX 470 8192MB


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