Broken Sword 2: The Smoking Mirror


Developer:   Revolution Software

Publisher:   Virgin Interactive

Released:    1997

PC Requirements:   Win95/98/NT, Pentium 60, 2xCD-ROM, 16 MB RAM, SVGA card, 1MB video memory.




by syd

Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror
1997 - Revolution Software/Virgin Games
3rd Person point and click cartoon adventure

I remember clearly when I first saw this game. It was during lunch back in 1997 and I was at my favorite lunchtime hangout - Computer City. I had already looked over the selection in the adventure isle and couldn't see anything new from the day before, so I meandered over to where they put the misc. games. There I saw this dark brown box with a guy raising a knife ready to stab some poor soul tied down. Thankfully I picked it up anyway or I'd have never known that this was the sequel to Circle of Blood (as it's known in the states)/Shadows of the Templars everywhere else. Well, as soon as I read George and Nico's names I hightailed it up to the checkout counter and bought it. Took it home, popped it into the rom drive and got lost again with George and Nico [sigh]

George is once again in Paris (sure wish I had his money) and he has found Nico who has somehow gotten her hands on an ancient Mayan stone. So before George even has time to have lunch they set off to a Professor Oubier's house (he is the resident expert on all things Mayan). Of course the minute the door is opened all heck breaks loose. Nico finds herself kidnapped by some big uglies and George gets himself tied to a chair, in a fiery room and to make matters worse there is this big, ugly poisonous spider ready to pounce if he moves. So your first job is to escape the burning house. Then you need to find and rescue Nico and in the process save the world from an ancient Mayan curse. Oh and you meet up with Duane and Pearl again <g>

The interface is almost identical to the first game - they made the conversation trees a bit easier this time around. I didn't find myself stuck in a loop trying to get something from a character (anyone remember the red ball???) like I did in the first game. Inventory control is the same as is the map feature - if you've been there - you click and whoosh there you are.

The best feature in the game IMHO was the fact that you got to play both characters ala GK2. I so enjoyed that and wish more games implemented that feature.

I spent a good two to three weeks totally absorbed by this little gem and am looking forward to the next installment [keeping fingers and toes crossed here that there will be a next installment without ruining it with action]

A very definite thumbs up.

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