Chewy: Escape from F5



Developer - Publisher:   Blue Byte

Released:    1997

PC Requirements:   DOS 5.0, 80486/33 MHz, 18 MB hard drive space, 4 MB memory, 2X CD-ROM drive.



by syd

Chewy: Esc from F5
1997 Blue Byte
3rd person point and click cartoon adventure


You and your best buddy Clint are out tooling around space. Clint decides to invade Planet F5 (home of the Borks) and steal the Red Glump. Clint manages to grab the Glump, evade the Borks (little green round headed bozos with blasters) by entering the Bumper Field, but winds up being sucked into a wormhole and crash lands on earth (in the Amazon). Chewy sets out to find the wormhole and Clint but gets captured by the Borks and thrown in jail on Planet F5 (think the Death Star in Star Wars). So begins your quest - escape from F5 and find Clint.


Simple point and click - a right click brings up the action screen where you choose to walk, look, speak, take, save and get your inventory (a suitcase). There are 20 save game slots which are plenty for this game. You cannot die (well, actually you can in a couple of places but it's not permanent) and there are absolutely no dead ends.


All inventory based. Clues on what to do are in the game. All you need do is pay attention. I got stuck a few times and used the "try everything on everything" method but for the most part it's pretty obvious. But that doesn't mean the game is extremely easy - because it's not - to me it was just about right. Not hard enough to make me want to throw the disc out the window but not easy enough that I wasn't challenged.

The game had no bugs - zip - never crashed, never stuttered, never skipped. Played beautifully on my P450.

In Conclusion

I had an absolute ball with this game. There are one-liners that all will appreciate (when was the last time you heard the term "no way Jose" Or "not a chance Lance"?.) There are rip offs from Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana Jones, Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, King Kong and a few more I probably forgot. This was also one of maybe two or three games that my son actually took from me and played completely through himself. And then there was the Surimy who lets out mega ummmmm how to put this delicately - gastric backfires

The game is an absolute delight.

System Requirements

486/33 MHz
4 MB ram
18 Megs hard drive
2x CD Rom
VGA 256 Color

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