Diary of a Roadie




Genre:    Adventure 

Developer:     CMMN CLRS           

Released:  May 2016              



By oldmariner


Diary of a Roadie

Developer: CMMN CLRS [Common Colors]

Free Game: Entry for the 2016 Adventure Jam

I seldom if ever examine free games, but this one caught my attention. As noted above, Common Colors is the name of the Belgium-Germany-based indie game development team who presented a short, but inventive, and I might add creative twist on a point and click Adventure Game. There are no requirements listed on the download site. I suspect they are minimal.


The game downloads as a zip file, which you should place in a dedicated folder you create on either your C drive or as a sub folder under Documents. Once extracted, the game is approximately 14 MB total. There is no install required. You simply click on the .exe file and the game begins. You will notice there is no menu. As I said, upon initiation you are playing the game. There are no saves. You do not really need them.

Navigation is rather simple and is all done with the mouse. A right click offers four options: Use, Talk to, Walk to, and Look. It is one click at a time. You do not see a list to select from. Simply click again for the next choice. Scrolling your mouse wheel down brings up the inventory, or you can access it by pressing the letter “I” on your keyboard. The Esc key quits the game.

The Story

Our hero is named Emmett, who is the brother of a touring Rock Band living a full life of sex, drugs, and Rock'n'Roll. There is nothing graphic. It is all innuendo and wry humor. The game opens with Emmett passed out on the ground near the backstage door, to discover he is late for work. He is a Roadie responsible for stage set up and sound checks before the concert begins. To Emmett’s chagrin, he discovers he does not have his backstage pass and cannot get inside. How can he find his pass to avoid getting fired? Your task is to play the hungover roadie and find a way inside.

Game Play

The graphics are exceptionally sharp and crisp with pixel hunting at a minimum. There is no audio at all. Conversations are displayed on the screen as text. All puzzles are inventory based, and there are several in this short game. A sweep of the mouse identifies interactive items. The entire game is played on a single screen which expands as you walk to the furthest edges. You interact with several characters that give you clues through conversation.

Puzzles are not overly difficult, but require a challenging amount of thinking outside the box. Yes, there are a number of items requiring mixing and matching inside the inventory screen. The game is short. Perhaps an hour of time is required to work your way through it. Playing time is highly dependent upon your ability to figure out proper combinations to mix, creating the tools you need.


For a short game, I found Diary of a Roadie to have a creative story cleverly done. The ending, which I will not give away, is perhaps one of the most ingenious plot twists that I’ve seen in a long time. For the cost (Free) you cannot go wrong. It is an hour long diversion that is sure to entertain. You can find it here at GameJolt.



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