Discworld II: Mortality Bites



Developer:    Perfect 10 Entertainment

Publisher:     Psygnosis

Released:  1996  

PC Requirements:   486DX4 100 or greater, 16 MB RAM for Win 95 or 8MB RAM for DOS, 640x480 256-colour SVGA, 2xCD ROM, soundcard and mouse.



by syd

Perfect Entertainment scored again in 1996 with the second installment of Discworld - only this time Death has gone missing....

Yes, our intrepid not-so-swift apprentice wizard is back and he's bigger and better than ever. As the game opens we find Rincewind strolling, okay so he was slightly leaning, okay, okay the man couldn't walk a straight line if the fate of the Discworld depended on it, with one very big, also staggering, orangutan (I can only assume they had been drinking banana daiquiris) when what does our Rincewind spy? A bomb rigged donkey cart parked in the donkey cart park. Of course being the hero that he is, Rincewind decides to diffuse it. Rule #1 - NEVER try to diffuse a bomb when you're bombed yourself and Rule #2 - NEVER ask an orangutan for color advice. Needless to say Rincewind winds up blowing up said donkey cart and unfortunately also blow Death off his horse (Death was galloping to pick up the remains of one Rincewind should there be a need). Well, Death decides after that to take a vacation.

Now this is not a good thing because there is no jr. Death. Which means there was no one to take the poor unfortunates who have passed away to their just rewards so they are just hanging around so to speak. It's getting pretty crowded with all the undead souls running around getting in everyone's way. The Archchancellor is finally made aware of the problem when the Wizard Wendell Poons of the Unseen University passes on - or should I say - doesn't pass on due to Death's absence. He therefore calls upon the mighty wizard Rincewind to gather the ingredients so they can perform the ceremony that will summon Death back. Hence begins Rincewind and his loyal luggage's next adventure - to track down Death and convince him to return to the job.

As with Discworld, the game is broken out into four acts and you don't go on to the next act until you have completed the one before, but you can visit any location that is labeled on the map by a mere click of the mouse. The puzzles as in the first game run the gambit from semi-logical to rather obscure. But I think in the second one the puzzles were a tad easier.

Game installs in W95/98 and is mouse controlled.

A great game IMHO and almost as hard to find as the first one I am sorry to say.

copyright 2002 GameBoomers

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