Developer:    Teeny Weeny Games, Perfect 10 Productions

Publisher:  Psygnosis

Released:   1995

PC Requirements:   MS-DOS 5.0 or later 386  DX-33 MHz or higher, 4 MB memory,  CD-ROM, VGA, mouse recommended.386or better, Mouse, Joystick, Sound Blaster and 100% compatibles.



by syd

1995 - Perfect Entertainment
Can be run in W98 but setup is DOS

The Location -

The Discworld is a flat planet that rides on the backs of four elephants that rides on the back on one humongeous sea (or I should say star) turtle by the name of Great A'Tuin. Sort of in the center of this disc is the city of Ankh-Morpork (these are actually two cities that are cut in two by the river Ankh - a river that is so polluted you can practically walk on it. Now on to

The Story -

You play Rincewind - a wizard. Okay, okay, so most of the other wizards think you're a duffas, but you have the pointy hat and the silly wizard clothes, so that should count for something, right? Right. Back to the story. You are summoned from a deep sleep - something you excel at - by a messenger telling you that the arch chancellor wants to see you immediately. Who is the arch chancellor? He just happens to be the head honcho at Unseen University (the college of wizardry on the discworld) and wielder of the most terrifying magic ever - the power to do away with grants and stipends from un-cooperative underlings. But I digress -

You arrive in the chancellor's office to be informed that a dragon has been reeking havoc on Ankh-Morpork and you have been assigned the task of finding him, finding the villains who summoned him and then getting rid of him (which could be very difficult to do since everyone knows there are no such things as dragons - unless you believe in them and what sane person would, right? Be that as it may, there appears to be such a beast and you are told to fetch a tomb from the library on dragon detectors. So begins your adventure, but first you have to wake up a certain piece of snoring baggage. Then it's just you and your luggage off to conquer the dragon.

This game is a delight to play. It's a classic point and click adventure. Inventory management consists of your friendly walking suitcase and yourself - you can carry one other item - other than your money pouch - at a time, while your walking baggage carries the rest. Death is always waiting for you to slip up and the conversations between Rincewind and Death are a riot. I spent most of my time talking to people just to hear the wacky conversations - forgot what I was supposed to be doing once or twice because I got so involved.

The puzzles run the gambit from logical (in their own little way) to totally absurd. You very definitely have to suspend your belief with this game in order to figure out some of them.

This game is full of humor, puns and just plain good fun and unfortunately it is also almost impossible to find anymore (I'm talking legitimate copies here).

copyright 2002 GameBoomers

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