The Adventures of Fatman


Genre:   Adventure

Developer & Publisher:    Socko Entertainment

Released:   2003

PC Requirements:    Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 or XP. Pentium 100 MHz or faster system with at least 32 Mb RAM. 320x200 standard VGA display. All DirectX sound-cards are optionally supported. A mouse is essential.





by gsd


Fatman is one of the latest games from the recent pool of independent developers. Michael Doak is the producer. As soon as I loaded it, I knew I might be in for a real treat. The style of interface and graphics took me back to the good old days, those days when story, characters, humor and gameplay forever hooked me on adventure gaming despite the limited graphics. Can Fatman hold up to those memories? I think it came very close.


Your hero is a pot bellied character in a batman suit, aptly named Fatman. Fatman is the crime fighter for the city of Shadowlawn. Things have been dull lately, but they are about to pick up, and that's where you (alias Fatman) come in. Some bad guys are planning to blow up Acme Labs, thus exploding the toxic chemicals that cause mutations. So off you go in your fatmobile to solve the case and save your town.

Graphics and Gameplay

The graphics are 2D, colorful, blocky and comic book style which fits the absolute absurdity of your hero perfectly. The game plays in 3rd person, entirely point and click. There are numerous inventory items to collect which can be used alone or combined or acted upon in various ways. Fatman travels from place to place in his fatmobile, and new places open up as you advance in the story. The individual places are rather limited in area and zero in on the essentials. So there is no endless wandering about searching for key areas. You know where you're supposed to be, you just have to figure out what to do.

Ah, the puzzles. I give full marks to the puzzles, they were really fun. Some fairly easy, some very detailed and complex, yet very, very logical. It is one of the few games I have played in a long time where I could simply ask myself…okay...what makes sense? There are no mazes, no sliders, and only a couple of situations where you need to act quickly. But even then, you have the option of slowing the game down. There is no stress here, just fun.

There are only six save slots, but it's enough, for even though you can die, you have a chance to retry, and are returned just before the event that did you in. There is also a score meter. 103 points for the perfect score.

Acting and Storyline

The plot line is straightforward and doesn't deviate. You know what's going on, what you need to do and why. There is an aura of suspense here and there that keeps you on your toes and eager to see the next development. But at the same time it's almost impossible to take anything seriously. Just looking at this "hero" tromping about in his ridiculous attire with his belly hanging low will have you laughing and shaking your head, and that is the essential beauty of the game. It's a fun romp that doesn't take itself seriously despite the critical problems you must solve. As you might guess, there is lots of humor. Good humor. Not forced, not stale, just right. The dialogue is quick and sharp, never boring. The voice acting is surprisingly good, and I am one that is usually pretty critical in this area.

Technical Stuff

The game installed and ran without a problem. It was very stable.
Played on: PIII, 933mhz, 383 RAM, Win98SE., Soundblaster 5.1, Nvidia TNT2 Pro 16M

System Requirements: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 or XP. Pentium 100 MHz or faster system with at least 32 Mb RAM. 320x200 standard VGA display. All DirectX sound-cards are optionally supported. A mouse is essential


I really enjoyed the game. It was fun, relaxing, and very challenging. I know it sounds odd to equate a very challenging game with relaxation. Well, wandering about in endless dark corridors looking for minuscule hot spots may be challenging, but it's certainly not relaxing to me…. On the other hand, figuring out a solution to a problem based upon logic in a bright, colorful environment while directing an absurd-looking figure makes it all come together. That's Fatman.

Thanks, Michael Doak.

Final Grade:  B+

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