Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within


Developer - Producer:   Sierra

Released:   1995

PC Requirements:   486/33, 8MB RAM, 20 MB hard drive space, 2xCD-ROM, SVGA, DOS 5.0 or Win 3.1/Win 95, SVGA, Sound Card DAC required.




by syd

The Beast Within
Point and click 3rd person FMV Adventure


The story opens with Gabe at his typewriter in his library, in his castle, in Rittersburg, Germany. He is attempting to write another novel and it's just not going well. There is a knock at the door and Gerde (who has undergone on a remarkable transformation from GK1 I might add) tells you there is a group of villagers at the door requesting to see the Schattenjager. It seems a wolf has killed a young village girl but this is no ordinary wolf Gabriel is told - it is a werewolf. So begins Gabe and Gracie's new adventure.

Game Play

In this game you play both Gabe and Grace one at a time - each in a different chapter. They each have their own inventories and own research they are following - i.e. : Gabe is involved in a hunting lodge full of high powered men angle and Grace is involved in researching the King Ludwig and a lost Wagner opera connection. It's very interesting how such two diverse stories tie together in the last chapter.

The interface is easy - point and click. There's lots of spaces for saved games - and if you run out you can put them in a folder and start more. There's a map for easy travel and plenty of interesting folk to talk to.


Most of the puzzles were logical. The only one that to me was a stretch involved a cuckoo clock. Everything else seemed logical in context with the story. I even enjoyed the basement maze and I hate mazes.


I enjoyed the game as much the second time I played it as I did the first. Maybe even more because the second time through I could concentrate more on the stories rather than the puzzle figuring.

System Requirements

Min 486
8 MG Ram
20 MG hard drive
2X CD Rom
Sound card

I played on a:

NVidia TnT 32 meg video card
SB AWE sound card

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