Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned


Developer - Publisher:   Sierra

Released:    1999

PC Requirements:   Windows 95, Windows 98, Pentium 233+, 32 MB RAM, SVGA, high color (16-bit) 4x CD-ROM drive, Windows-compatible sound card, Mouse, keyboard.

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by syd

Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned
Sierra – 1999
3rd Person Adventure

Story –

Gabe and Grace receive an invitation to visit Prince James in Paris. Seems the Stewarts have been plagued by a malady for centuries. They wake up pale and exhausted and suffer from severe anemia – anemia induced by bite marks on the neck. Prince James wants Gabe to protect his son Charles from what the Stewarts call the “night visitors”. Well, they don’t do a very good job – the first night they are there two “visitors” break into the baby’s room and kidnap him. Gabe gives chase and winds up at a train station where he hops the train. He is promptly knocked out and wakes up at Rennes-Le-Chateau – and the search for the baby, vampires and buried treasures begins


You use both the keyboard and mouse to move around in the game. Thank goodness the escape key gets you where you need to be in a hurry or I’d still be ambling around the village – boy, do those folks walk slow. There is a map feature which is very nice – once a location appears just click on it and Gabe or Grace motorcycle to it in a flash.

As with GK2 you play both Gabe and Grace separately. This game is broken up into 3 days and the days broken into time frames. You cannot proceed into the next time frame until all the necessary actions are completed. You can however continue on without all the points – I didn’t even come close to having all the points possible when I finished – which could be why I was a little confused on what was going on in the story.


The puzzles were your basic inventory type. A couple of them were pretty far fetched. I still wonder how Mosley (yep, good old Mose is back) is going to leave France with his newly doctored passport. It may have fooled the motorcycle guy but I doubt the border patrol will be so gullible. The most annoying part of the entire game (for me anyway) was all the map making, coordinate putting stuff on Sidney (the computer). I totally lost the story line while fighting this part and finally resorted to a wt in order to save my sanity. Then there was this %&*$ pendulum………and I still wonder how Gabe and Grace fit all that stuff into those tight jeans without once showing a bulge.


Overall I wound up liking the game – the story once it was finally all fleshed out, was extremely interesting and had some surprising twists to it – but it took way too long for me to understand what was happening and why. That could be because I missed a bunch of stuff that filled in the story line better. You don’t really get the entire picture of what is happening until the second to the last time frame on the last day – up until then, for me anyway, it was more of a “I don't have a clue why I'm doing this, but if you say I have to then okay guys”

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