The Gene Machine


Developer:   Divide By Zero

Publisher:    Vic Tokai

Released:  1996

PC Requirements:   486 Processor, 8 MB RAM, 15 MB free hard drive space, Sound card, Mouse recommended.



by syd

The Gene Machine

3rd Person point and click

Let me begin this review stating that detective games are my most favorite types of computer games – from Nancy Drew to Sherlock Holmes to Discworld Noir. So I was prepared to enjoy this game and guess what? I did

You play Piers Fanshaw, a rather uppity British gentlemen who also happens to be a secret agent for Queen Victoria. You and your rather brow beaten manservant Mossop are returning from a spy mission in the US. Upon arriving home you discover a talking (yes, I said talking) cat on your doorstep. This cat, who says his name is 73, tells you a rather wild tale about an island in the South Pacific called Dinsey Island on which a rather mad scientist named Dr. Dinsey has developed a Gene Machine. The sole purpose of this machine is to create an army of genetically engineered creatures with which to take over the world.. He, 73, is the result of such engineering – he is a cross between a feline and a man and was Dinsey’s 73rd such experiment. You are asked by 73 to find Dinsey Island and destroy the Gene Machine. So begins your adventure.

There are various locations that you need to visit and all are triggered by a conversation or an inventory item being picked up and examined.. There is also a map feature that shows you the areas you can travel to – just click on a location and you are transported there.

It’s not a long (I think it took me about four days total to complete it) nor is it a hard game – in fact as long as you make sure you examine your inventory closely and talk to everyone you won’t get stuck.

If you’re in the mood for a fun and humorous game, I highly recommend this.

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