Hand of Glory



Genre:    Adventure 

Developer:  Madit Entertainment, Daring Touch

Publisher:   Madit Entertainment, Daring Touch

Released:   June 9, 2020

Requirements (minimum):

  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 
  • Processor: 2 GHz Dual Core or better
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 3400 series or Geforce 9400 series or better with at least 512 MB VRAM
  • Storage: 3 GB available space  
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c  




By flotsam

Hand of Glory

Madit Entertainment

I have to say I had quite a good time with this.

A serial killer has gotten the better of Detective Lazarus Bundy, so much so that he is on suspension. In an effort to get back in the game, he surreptitiously investigates the disappearance of Katherine Muzberg, a member of one of Miami's most influential families.

Except he needs his badge, which means he needs to get into the station, once he solves a parking problem but after he rescues his bike.

Environmental inventory based conundrums are the stock in trade here. Find things, talk to people, to achieve all manner of things. From making meatballs to breaking into and out of various environments, there are a plethora of things going on. There are some wild and occasionally wacky solves, as there are in these types of games, but by and large I was pleased with the "logic" of what to do.

The ability to highlight hotspots can help, and Lazarus' own musings and thoughts might assist. So too can Alice, a young intern who becomes your willing assistant. A whizz with a computer, she is an integral part of solving and deciphering, and you get to play her once or twice as well.

Together they are an engaging partnership. Not George and Nicole, but worth being with.

There are a couple of out and out puzzles, involving codes and ciphers, and while they aren't brain busting they do offer a challenge and were nicely done. Alice also engages in some short sequences where she "perceives" bits and pieces of a character's behaviour to ascertain their motivation.

There are also some sequences where Lazarus can die, about half a dozen in total, where you need to work out the necessary next action within a short period of time. There is no twitchy finger involved, but you might have to try a number of things before you find the right one. If you aren't successful, the game restores you automatically to just before the fatal moment and you try something else. They weren't hard, and I thought they added a little something to the mix. There is evil afoot after all.

The Hand of Glory looks great. Rudimentarily stylish is my best attempt to describe it. Perhaps best just to have a look. Cutscenes punctuate the third person exploration of each scene, and the ones that play like a movie reel were particularly appealing.

It sounds good too, both the score and the ambient sound. Voice acting is appealing, for the main characters in particular, and the dialogue can be snappy, silly, sassy and amusing. All up, it's a well designed and appealing package.

It's linear in its progression, although you might find yourself revisiting available locations if you are stuck. More of those open up as you move through the game, and a map is available to move between them.

Everything is point and click. Double click to run, or to jump to a screen exit. The inventory ribbon appears when you move the mouse top of screen, and you can right click to examine items and left click to use. A notepad keeps track of objectives, and a little graphic will appear bottom right when a new entry is occurring. Your phone is up there too, and can be used for a range of actions.

Save at will, tweak settings, play with or without subtitles.

About the only disappointing element is that it ends halfway through, and is effectively Part 1. There is a reveal that helps support a break, but I would have liked for it to be a whole rather than a half. If you go to the maker's website and read about the lush Italian hills as a destination, that is still to come.

Which in the scheme of things is a smallish thing. If you like these types of games the 8 – 10 hours of what is here (I clocked in at just over 9) is well worth your attention.

I played on:

OS: Windows 10, 64 Bit

Processor: Intel i7-9700k 3.7 GHz

RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR4 32GB

Video card: AMD Radeon RX 580 8192MB


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