In Cold Blood


Genre:      Adventure

Developer:   Revolution Software

Publisher:   Dreamcatcher Interactive

Released:  2001

PC Requirements:   Windows 95/98, P233 MMX, 8MB Video Card, Direct X 7 Compatible Sound Card, 32MB RAM, 400MB Hard Disk Space, 4x CD ROM Drive.



 by gatorlaw

In Cold Blood
Recommended requirements (not minimal)

Pentium 266 or equivalent
64 RAM
Direct X7 compatible sound card
16MB 2D graphics card
32 bit color
200 MB space

The game can be minimum installed or full install. Either works out well. Even with the minimum install disc swapping is not a problem.

Let me start this whole process to say that I am absolutely biased in favor of this game. I loved the dark, moody and superb graphics. I thought the characters were some of the most expertly developed and highly captivating figures I've seen in a game. The plot was masterful and well advanced by the narrative, character interactions and amazing cut scenes.

Imagine that you find yourself dazed and confused in the hands of a power mad scientist intent on world domination. You are being tortured and can not at first remember who you are and then how you got to that point. Through a series of cut scenes and the flashbacks to the missions themselves (which are remembered during the interrogations) you slowly start re-building your identity and memory. But There is now a deeper mystery: What is the ultimate intent of this evil man holding you and more importantly Who or what betrayed you and why.

I know - at this point you are perhaps saying to your self - well it sounds interesting but keyboard controlled !! Errr and then action... Lets lay this to rest here and now. I have but a modest level of exposure to any keyboard based game. Grim Fandango - EMI and a few others. I had a very short learning curve on this game. If I can handle the interface - just about anyone can. Secondly, although there is one particularly pain of a drone to dispose of in a later mission, for the vast majority - you don't have to enter into a "timed sequence until you decide to jump in and only after you have scanned the area and devised a strategy. The game book itself states clearly "Cord should avoid combat wherever possible" This is a stealth game - you are trying to infiltrate not boldly stomp through locations. However there are instances where you must take action. One really nice thing about this is that the gun auto aims. All you have to do is point it in the general direction of whatever you are trying to hit and fire. This is easier action than some of the timed adventure sequences in other games. As always - you can also opt for a cheat mode - though I didn't find it necessary at all. You do need to search your environment at all times and in particular enemy soldiers that you have indisposed heh-heh. This is where you get ammo, keys, health packs and other cool stuff.

In the end I would say: If you enjoy spy adventures, (like James Bond), if you don't mind a little action mixed in with your exploits and if the medium violence and some strong scenes (the protagonist is being held captive) then I highly recommend this game.

The plot is intricate and highly involving. The characters are strongly developed and easy to get into. Plus the cut scenes and particularly the end sequence are masterful. I particularly loved the way the cut scenes integrated with and advanced the plot and character development so seamlessly.

Just be warned this isn't Myst. This is an immersion type game into the realistic world of a spy out there in enemy territory - trying to uncover a plot to rule the world and uncover the traitor from within. As in real life - the politics of such a scenario are frequently muddy and conflicted.
If this is something that intrigues is a must have game.

Developed by Revolution In Cold Blood.

Published by and available through Dreamcatcher (also most major outlets).

Review Grade:     B+

copyright 2004 GameBoomers

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