Knights in Shining Armor: Episode 1


Genre:   Adventure

Developer:   Fluff Entertainment

Publisher:    Corbomite Games

Released:  May 2011

PC Requirements:  

  • Windows 98/98SE/Me, Windows 2000/XP/Vista or later.
  • DirectX 8.0 or later.
  • 3D accelerated video card compatible with DirectX 8.
  • The game requires installation of .NET Framework 2.0.




by Becky


This initial episode in the Knights in Shining Armor series begins with a knight named Rupert lying on a hammock in what appears to be a ship. After docking, he goes into a tavern/inn. We then discover him in the middle of a conversation with an unidentified person wearing a medieval costume.  The discussion wanders over assorted topics, during which Rupert declares that he is royalty, and claims that his status has the salutary benefit of allowing him to marry whomever he wishes, without even bothering to discover his prospective wife's name. (He'll just go on calling her "sweetheart.")

By the end of the dialog, we've established that the costumed fellow possesses a great deal of common sense (he refuses to have anything to do with Rupert). We've also established that our knight in shining armor is arrogant and likes lacing his conversation with crude language.

Rupert then proceeds to have another long conversation with a blonde woman sitting at another table, and later with the innkeeper. He whistles to a guitar-playing bard as one would to a dog. There's a bit of dancing (the music and dancing are the best part of the game). In terms of gameplay, Rupert has a handful of inventory items to pick up, one item combination, and a slider puzzle to solve.

Then the credits roll.

It Doesn't get any Shorter than This

This is the shortest adventure game I've ever played. It's also the shortest episode I've ever played.

You play from a third person perspective using a point-and-click interface. The inventory is easy to use. The game has a "save" button, but it merely activates the autosave function, so you can't go back to previously saved games.

Animations are stiff and repetitive. Faces remain deadpan during conversations. The dialog topics are haphazard and absurd and you can't click through them. I suspect that the dialogs are meant to be funny. The voiceovers are competent, though the woman's voiceover has an odd quality, almost as though it was recorded in an echo chamber.

Ambient sounds consist of ocean waves, bird chirps, and loud thumps. At first, I thought that the thumps were from some construction going on, but after watching Rupert walk around, I realized that his footfalls usually (though not always) coincided with the thumps.

Rupert's utter obnoxiousness piqued my interest. In later episodes, will he meet his much needed comeuppance? (It's going to take a lot of work before Rupert's personality, along with his armor, begins to shine.) I also confess a certain curiosity as to how Rupert will use the lacy panties he's carrying in inventory. However, I don't know if I want to listen to more random comments about porker ladies, capital dots and lemony water in order to find out.

Quick List for Knights in Shining Armor: our king's tale episode one

You play a royal knight looking for a bride in this medieval fantasy. In addition to a bit of inventory collection and combination, there's one puzzle -- a slider. Long dialogs. The guitar music is rather nice.

Third person perspective, point-and-click interface. Autosave only. No dying. No glitches.

Aimed at gamers who like medieval adventures and who don't mind that the gameplay is brief. Those who enjoy laughing at the dialogs in absurdist "B" movies will also find it appealing.

Final Grade: C

What I played it on: 

Dell Studio XPS 8000

Windows 7 Home Premium

Intel Core i5-750 processor


1024MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 220

Soundblaster X-Fi


Knights in Shining Armor: our king's tale episode one can be purchased via download at the Corbomite website or on Gamers Gate 


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