Koala Lumpur: Journey to the Edge


Developer:    Colossal Pictures

Publisher:    Broderbund

Released:   1997

PC Requirements:   486/66, 8MB RAM, 4MB hard drive space, 2xCD ROM, Windows 3.1 or Windows 95, SVGA monitor/display card 640x480, 256 colors, Windows compatible sound device.

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by syd

Koala Lumpur: Journey to the Edge
1997 – Broderbund
W95/W98 – 1st person point and click

1997 – my lunch hour - spent as usual pursuing the adventure game isles (yes people I said isles) looking for a new game. After starting with the A’s and not finding anything I didn’t already have I finally made it to the Ks and what should my eyes fall upon but a box with a cute little koala smashed on the road. Well of course I had to buy it. I took it home – loaded the game in (this was back in the days when I actually played most of the games I bought) and got lost in the humorous world of Koala Lumpur.

Fast forward to October 2002 – I replayed Koala this weekend so I could refresh my memory of the game for this review – and you know what? I had as much fun playing it this time around as I did the first time (except for a certain laser beam puzzle, but more on that later).

Koala Lumpur is a fez wearing, magic carpet riding mystic, who is looking for enlightenment. Unfortunately this venture almost brings disaster to the world. Koala is suffering from a tummy ache and checks his fez for some medicine. Instead he finds a scroll. Being the inquisitive marsupial that he is, he naturally reads it – oops big mistake. Seems this particular scroll has the potential of releasing an evil deed doer by the name of Mucho Danada and the only way he can be stopped from unleashing the Cartoon Apocalypse is for you to find the 2nd scroll that has been torn asunder and scattered across different worlds (isn’t that the way it always is with 2nd scrolls? They always seem to get themselves torn asunder and scattered about worlds). Along with finding this 2nd scroll you are also promised to receive total enlightenment. Well how can you refuse? So off you go, but first you conjure up a familiar (a fly in this case that is also the cursor) to help you in your travels and then you and fly are off to find Dingo Tu Far – your partner in crime. And that is your first challenge – to free Dingo (who somehow has gotten himself locked in his file cabinet.)

The game is remarkably easy to play and you cannot die – you get fried and zapped a lot but miracles upon miracles you bounce right back right as rain. Your cursor (hence you) is a fly – you move fly and Koala and Dingo follow you around. The game pans 360 degrees in any direction and moving around is a snap. Fly also picks up and uses things in inventory, which is conveniently stored in Koala’s fez. You visit four worlds – Dingo’s Hideout, The Land of Lost Things which you travel around via a pipe maze and you have to learn “dog speak” in order to escape, Stream of Consciousness which is traveled by train and you get to spend time in Dingo’s brain doing word association games and Eye in the Sky which has the dreaded and most annoying laser beam arcade puzzle (you have to dodge laser beams in order to get down a hallway so you can deactivate it and you have to do this three different times and each sequence pattern is different arrrgggghhh). But guess who now has saves after each one??? <g>

I have to admit that this game is not for everyone, but if you’re in the mood for a light romp with a sarcastic Aussie - try Koala Lumpur.

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