Genre: Adventure    

Developer & Publisher: Jean-Baptiste de Clerfayt             

Released:  October 1, 2020              

Requirements: Minimal requirements

OS:  XP or higher

Processor:  Pentium or higher

Memory:  1 GB

DirectX:  Version 9.0

Storage:  2 GB available


Additional Notes:  C'mon, relax!  It's a retro point and click game -

any less-than-five year-old laptop can run this game.  Probably

an Arduino connected to a toaster could do it as well, but I didn't try.




By Dan Peach


Lancelot's Hangover. A journey into the mind of a man. A wacky man, a zany man, a...funny man: Jean-Baptiste De Clerfayt, who proudly presents his solely developed debut game, in all its crazy glory. And crazy it is. And, perhaps, crazy YOU have to be to understand and appreciate its irreverent humour and out there religious exploration.

But let's back up. What's going on here exactly? Well, I don't know. But something is going down in the Kingdom of France, and God ain't happy about it. So he calls upon us: legendary Knight of the Roundtable, Sir Lancelot, to get up off his butt, and go do something about it. But Lancelot doesn't really want to get up off his butt. He'd rather spend a few more hours lounging in bed, ignoring his mum's protestations. Well, that is, until the mention of some copious amounts of blessed booze, some - ahem - naked ladies, and a massive party, should he be successful in his mission.

So, off we go as the brave Sir Lancelot, dressed only in a sexy pink speedo, and armed with nothing but a tankard of good old English beer to hold us over until we can find that blasted grail, fill it with holy booze, and celebrate the biggest party England has ever known. Or, something like that. Things ain't gonna go to plan though, are they? Lots of things are gonna stand in our way. Like...lepers, and...dirty peasant children, and...crusty old aristocrats, and...cheeky Belgian royalty, and...a Smurf? I know, right? What does a Smurf have to do with medieval France? I don't know. But he has something to do with it. He holds the secret to a special brew we have to mix up, to follow a path, in a forest, to find a sword, that goes limp when we hold it, to get into a techno dance monastery, so we can get down and boogie with those lovely, not so wholesome, nuns, with their 6 foot long under arm hair, and....

I should stop there really. I think that's enough to sell it. I mean, if you like totally out of this world, crazy, wacky, laugh out loud at the absolute absurd genius of it, games, like I do, I think that's enough to sell it. IF that's what you like, then you'll feel right at home here. Did I mention the medieval gay bar with a rat problem? The gangsta rapping bear? The witch who might actually not be a witch, but who cares about her anyway until we open our chakras, and accept the brutality of our childhoods? Did I mention those things? They're in here. Oh, yes, THEY are in here. As well as a lot more equally hilarious things.

But what about this art style, Dan? You dunno if you like it? Well, you will like it. Trust me. It's gorgeous really. It fits perfectly with the overall humorous style, and the general out-of-this-world, history bending, narrative. Sounds? Awesome sounds, brah! Some excellent time appropriate pieces, as well as some transcendent techno beats when, errr, testing out all of the many, hmmm, influential substances that you find throughout your journey across France. What? What's a little recreational alchemy between Knights, Saints, and Sinners? It's all good, bro! Duuuuuuude! Check out this gnarly camera I have around my neck, and this cool cocktail blender, and....Hipster Jesus? Woooooah! Jesus is hip! And he the belly of a whale.

What about the puzzles, though, Monsieur Peche? Are they crazy too? Actually, no. Surprisingly, they're rather logical. You have your standard inventory where you can check out, use, and combine your items. And you have your standard dialogue system, where you click on an icon to chat about a subject, rather than have a huge long dialogue tree, which I prefer as it keeps the pace up; keeps things moving along. The puzzles are the usual use X on Y to do Z type of thing. But there are a few other types as well, like setting levers, and trying to time a trebuchet launch to get an angel into an oversized version of the grail - your standard things really.

Anyway, all I need to say about Lancelot's Hangover: The Quest for the Holy Booze. Saddle up, padre, hop on a Viking boat, and let's head to France. We got a grail to find. We got suds to down. We got girls to befriend. It's time for a party. And maybe, just maybe, if you do things just right, a little piece of that sweet, sweet redemption can be yours too. No promises though. Let's get it on! PARTAAAAYYYY!!! Available now, for Windows, on Steam.

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!



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