The 10th Anniversary Edition of the Myst Games



Genre:   Adventure

Developer:   Cyan, Red Orb

Publisher:    UbiSoft

Released:  2003

PC Requirements:   Windows 98/XP (only); 233 MHz Pentium II or 300 MHz K6-2 or faster; 233 MHz G3 processor or faster, 64 MB RAM (256 MB recommended for XP), 8 MB DirectX 9-compatible video card supporting 32-bit color; 6 MB video card supporting millions of colors (3D acceleration optional), DirectX 9-compatible sound card, DirectX 9 (included on DVD), 400 MB hard drive space (to minimally install all three products at the same time), 640x480 resolution; 32-bit / millions of colors, QuickTime: Version 6 or higher required (included on DVD)

Macintosh 8.1/9.1 (not OS X native, except for Myst III Exile)




by lasanidine

The 10th Anniversary Edition of the Myst Games - Comments

With the Advent of Uru came the special 10th Anniversary DVD Edition containing Myst (Masterpiece Edition), Riven and Myst III Exile in DVD format. This meant that you could play all your favorite Myst games without changing disks.

The white box of the10th Anniversary DVD Edition contained all previous games and was like a wonderful storehouse of memories for those who not only loved the Myst games but also looked forward to the adventures to come in future ages.

As I lifted the flap and looked at the pictures I wished that I could turn to someone and play the “Do you remember when…” game. Than I thought of all my GameBoomers friends and I knew I could.

Lets do it all together. Do you remember how you felt when you first arrived to the island of Myst? Did the sunken ship, the observatory, and the library fascinate you? Did the rotating tower with its grating sound give you the chills? Remember the sound puzzle in the space ship you thought you would never get right. Were you annoyed or enchanted by the maze? How many times did you go back and visit the ages of Myst?

Than came Riven! I could not believe that it could get better but it did. I stood in the great hall of columns and gaped at the golden beetles. I peeped through the grated gate full of excitement and anticipation. Riven gave us beautiful island ages, interesting rides on monorails, elevators and mine carts. It thought us the topography of the islands the hard way when we had to solve the puzzle of the fire marbles and start up the power system. We learned the D’ni number system and navigated and under water maze with a mini sub. We had to solve some hard puzzles. We had to deal with the conceited egotistic Ghan and rescue Catherine. Do you remember the sunners did you tease the Wooke (my pet name for the mean big fish the Work)? It was a grand adventure!

Myst Exile III was the next game. Oh that wonderful island with the horns and the puzzle of the lamps! What a start to a new adventure. We met Savedro the half crazed exile and after that there was never a boring moment. We learned about the power of water and steam and sailed the great airship in the Voltaic age. I was fascinated with the ice balls in Amateria and the beautiful flora and fauna in Edanna. Some of the puzzles were hard and there were places troublesome to navigate but who was immune to the thrill of saving the big bird form the Venus flytrap or watching the ice ball roll all the way around? Finally we had to out smart Savedro who was not only crazy but also cunning and revengeful.

Do you remember how beautiful were the graphics, the music and the sound effects? Do you remember how flawless and smooth was the gameplay? I remember it all!

There are those who say that the Myst games are insipid and boring and to those I can only say the millions of people who love these games all over the world cannot be wrong.

For adventure gamers all over the world I want to say thank you Cyan thank you Ubisoft. Thanks for the memories.

It is needless to say that we are eagerly awaiting Myst IV.

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