Mysterious Island


Developer - Publisher:   Virgin Sound and Vision

Released:    1996

PC Requirements:      33MHz 486 CPU, 8 MB RAM, 2x CD-ROM, Win 3.1 or higher.


by syd

Mysterious Island
Virgin Sounds and Vision
3rd person interactive cartoon adventure


Tomas, Lily and Will meet at the amusement park and decide to take a hot air balloon ride even though there is a storm and the ride is "officially" closed. Will convinces the Pilot (you) to take them up anyway and naturally your balloon gets hit by lightening and lands on a mysterious volcanic island.


Puzzles are few - it's more of a click and watch the characters move and talk type of game. The ones that are there are of the figure out the pattern to raise a rock bridge, put statues in the right hole to open a door, figure out how to get past a very large snap dragon - that sort of thing. A couple of inventory items to pick up but you never use them so I'm not sure why you bothered.

The game is very much geared towards kids - I'd say between 5 and maybe 9 or 10 (and that might be pushing it). The characters talk to you - ask you which direction they should go, what cave to enter first, how should you get past this animal, that sort of thing. Younger kids will probably get a kick out of that. But there is a big dinosaur that pops up at one point and could scare a little one.

Played it on P450
256 colors

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