Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! HD




Genre:    Adventure 

Developer:   Alasdair Beckett-King, Application Systems Heidelberg

Publisher:    Application Systems Heidelberg

Released:   May 22, 2019            

Requirements (minimum):


  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 700 MHz
  • Memory: 64 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 5.2
  • Storage: 1500 MB available space
  • Sound Card: All DirectX-compatible sound cards



By flotsam


Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy! HD

Alasdair Beckett-King, Application Systems Heidelberg

I played and reviewed the more recent Nelly outing but didn’t go back and play this. However a recent shot across my bows informed me it had been rejigged in HD and now had voices. So it seemed like the perfect excuse to shiver some more timbers with the nicest pirate on the high seas.

It’s very much like the other game, so if you played that and enjoyed it, you will be well pleased here. It is more muted in its colour tones, and much “flatter” in animation style, but the charm and the wit is there is spades (or is that spoons?), and the writing is just as engaging.

Nelly is on a quest, tasked by the spirit of Captain Bloodbeard, to find out what has happened to the Spoonbeaks at the nearby Barony of Meeth. Once in abundance, they have not be seen for ages, and as a lover of all small creatures Nelly is determined to get to the bottom of things. She soon finds herself up to her eyepatch in pirate oaths, tattoos, leprechauns and underpants. At the centre sits Baron Widebeard, author and, perhaps not surprisingly, Baron of said Meeth.

The conundrums are largely all inventory based, requiring finding and using items in straightforward and some not so straightforward ways. It isn’t hard, but some of the more out there solutions had me scratching my head for a while. There is also a code puzzle to solve (which is rather good) and a little arcade game involving ducks to be completed, that isn’t at all difficult. The end game involves manipulating a piece of machinery that kept me plugging away the longest of any of the outright puzzles.

You can’t help but like Nelly, and the rest of the characters aren’t too shabby either. The leprechauns and the Dignified Ladies Association appealed particularly.

Despite the warning by the maker (Alisdair) at the start of the game that he pretty much did all the voices (apart from Nelly) so please be forgiving, I actually thought they were pretty good. I did miss Tom Baker from the other game, but who wouldn’t? If unlike me you have a different reaction, you can turn off the voices and play the whole thing with text only.

Speaking of Alisdair, he pretty much did everything else too so well done him.

In terms of gameplay, its third person point and click, with a range of menu buttons accessible top of screen. These include the save function, a settings menu, your map, and a hint button which reveals the hotspots. A generally jaunty soundtrack and appropriate ambient sound accompanies Nelly’s adventuring.

At no time does Spoonbeaks Ahoy ever lose its bright and breezy sense of fun. It’s a short, gentle and kind-hearted endeavour, and is hard not to like.


I played on:

OS: Windows 10, 64 Bit

Processor: Intel i7-6700 4GHz


Video card: AMD Radeon RX 580 8192MB


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